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The Cook, The Vamp, The Hunter & His Brother

"I even found someone to hold myself accountable to," Benny says, his eyes tearing up. "The best kind of someone -- family." Dean thinks about it for a second, then: "Elizabeth." Dean finally sheathes his knife. Elizabeth, Benny says, is his great-granddaughter. Dean makes an "oops!" face because he realizes he has narrowly averted a very sexy disaster. Elizabeth doesn't know the truth about Benny, and he'd like to keep it that way. He says it's been hard for him. "All those years in Purgatory, not dealing with the hunger. But Elizabeth, she keeps me honest. I feel like I finally got a handle on this." Dean points out that there are hunters after him, one of whom is his brother, but Benny says he doesn't have time to worry about that. He's more concerned about stopping Desmond. Dean says he has to wait it out and let Martin and Sam go after Desmond. "If they see you out there... they will slice first and ask questions later."

So Dean goes back to the Beaudelaire and relays the whole story to Martin and Sam. Martin can't believe what he's hearing. "Let me get this straight. I follow your boy down a frigging path and trip over a fresh vamp kill, and then you practically catch him in the act of burying a second body... and you're still taking his side?" Dean, perhaps, has been a little too honest in telling them the complete story. Was there any reason they needed to know about the second body? "Vampires pick people off from the outskirts of town," Dean says, "not in the cafes that they work in with their great-grandkids."

During this exchange, Martin has taken an ice tray out of the freezer and has started pounding at it with a fork with some violence. "In fact," Dean goes on, "killing any human is not his style." Sam listens to all this, then asks, "Are we just going on trust here?" "Yes," Dean says, but that's clearly not enough for the others. Dean points out that, unlike everyone else in his life, Benny has never let him down.

Up until this point, Sam has been fairly willing to listen, but now his feelings are hurt. This is the turning point of the episode. "Must feel great, finally finding someone you can trust after all these years," he snits. Dean tries to get back to the matter at hand. "All I'm saying is that Benny is innocent." That's not good enough for Sam, who wants Dean off the case for being "too close." Dean warns them not to go after Benny. It doesn't come across like a threat, more like letting them know the truth about the situation, but Martin isn't taking any chances. He picks up his big hunting knife and bashes Dean across the side of the head. Dean drops to the floor, unconscious.

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