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The Cook, The Vamp, The Hunter & His Brother

Meanwhile, Dean and Benny meet up outside some deserted factory somewhere. Dean's got a syringe of what must be dead man's blood. Thankfully, the show doesn't feel the need to go into exposition about it. "So what's the plan?" Dean asks. "I hang back while you guys do some trust falls and binge drinking?" Benny chuckles. "Man, if I didn't know better, I'd say you have an extremely low opinion of us vamps."

They split up as they head inside. Dean goes waving around his super bright flashlight, like that's not going to catch a vampire's notice. Someone moves in the shadows nearby. As Dean goes for a look, a blond man jumps him from behind. It should be noted that, until this very instant, the story could have gone either way. Was Dean's trust unfounded, or was Benny truly innocent? It's been all pins and needles waiting to find out, and absolutely well-crafted. It's all the more puzzling, then, that the Kermit portions of the episode are so lackluster. Maybe they're just inherently awful and no degree of literary skill could enliven them.

But where was I? Oh, yes -- the blond man, who is presumably Desmond. He throws Dean across the floor, then pounces on top of him. "Benny never told me he was bringing a friend!" Dean reaches into his pocket for the syringe as he asks, "You're not gonna talk a lot, are ya? Because I have been dealing with crazy all day." He moves to jab Desmond, but Desmond smashes the syringe. He slices into Dean's neck with his nails. To nobody's surprise, Dean is finger-licking good. Having had a taste of that salty goodness, Desmond goes in for the bite. Luckily, Benny pops up and separates Desmond's head from his shoulders.

"Took you long enough," Dean groans. "You've lost a step, friend," Benny jokes. "You need to lay off the junk food." He pulls Dean up, then catches sight of all that delicious, delicious blood. His smile fades. He looks at Dean's neck like it's a T-bone steak with blue cheese butter and a side of porn. "You okay?" Dean asks. "I'm fine," Benny just manages to say. He walks away.

Dean catches up to him outside. "My life here is over, isn't it?" Benny asks. "Fraid so," Dean says. Dean tells him other hunters will come for him. "Guys like us, we don't get a home... we don't get family." Benny winces just a little bit. "You've got Sam," he says. "Yeah," Dean says, but it takes him a while and it doesn't sound like really he believes it. Is there any reason why Dean couldn't just hit the road with Benny? Besides Dean being a deliciously frequent bleeder, that is. But he tells Benny that he needs to go someplace where nobody knows him. "I got one last thing I gotta do," Benny says.

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