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Clap Your Hands If You Believe…

"Whaddya want me to do," Sam continues, "fake it?" That's exactly what Hypocritical El Deano would like Soulless Sammy to do. "What happened to you wanting me to be all honest?" Sam quite rightly wonders. Dean avoids answering that question by unhelpfully snarking, "You wanna be a real boy, Pinocchio? You gotta act the part." "I was faking it!" Soulless Sammy protests, going on to explain, "Ever since we got back on the road together, I was picking every fricking word! It's exhausting!" Dean whatevers that until they get Sam "back on the soul train," he'll act as Sam's conscience. "'re saying you'll be my Jiminy Cricket?" Sam hesitantly asks. "Shut up," Dean wittily retorts before adding, "But yeah, you freaking puppet, that's exactly what I'm saying." I do hope my new TV boyfriend gives his snotty little bow-legged jackass of a brother a good thumping before all this is over, because as much as I'm loving Soulless Sammy at the moment, I'm absolutely hating Dicksmack El Deano. "[A-him!]" Oh, I'm sorry, Raoul -- have you something to add? "I certainly do! I'm hoping that fetchingly robust lad gives that tiny little brother person of his a good thumping because there hasn't been a speck of decent violence on this normally charming little Friday-evening divertissement in littrily months!" Point taken, friend of friends. "Good!" Now, shall I continue? "Please do!" Wonderful.

A truce of sorts thus temporarily reached between the endlessly bickering boys, Sam and Dean embark and drive over to Brennan's Watchworks to interrogate the owner of the quaint little shop. Pre-Credits Patrick, you see, was Mr. Brennan's son, and Mr. Brennan might therefore have information of relevance to the ongoing investigation, but Mr. Brennan almost immediately orders them from the premises, angrily insisting that the situation is hopeless. Turns out Pre-Credits Patrick was abducted weeks ago, and as Mr. Brennan stroppily notes, after the first seventy-two hours, "the odds of finding a missing person drop to nothing." "Every case is different," Dean suggests, but Mr. Brennan is having none of it, so Dean places a card on Mr. Brennan's desk and urges the grieving father to call if anything comes to mind. Our Intrepid Heroes exit -- Sam far more reluctantly than Dean, as he's convinced Mr. Brennan knows something he's not telling them -- and after they're gone, beleaguered Brennan anxiously glances over at another desk and asks, "Is that all right?" As if in response to his question, a dangling pocket watch slowly twists itself around, seemingly of its own accord. Should I be giving that a DUN!? "Absolutely not!" All-righty, then. Moving on!

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