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The Hardy Boys Don't Want No Mean Mistreaters

Later that evening, the boys arrive at Chez Hudson and climb the front porch's stairs, in the process passing a "Beware Of Dog" sign nailed to the front gate. Real cute, Supernatural. Real cute. Evan himself answers their knock with, "Can I help you?" "You ever been to a bar called Lloyd's?" Dean blurts out immediately. And stupidly, for Evan responds by slamming the door in their face in a full panic to run screaming down the hall. "Any other bright ideas?" Sam eyebrows. Dean replies by kicking in the lock. Meanwhile, Evan hides in his den. The boys quickly track him to the back of the house, and Dean's about to give a little more boot to the doors when Sam all non-verbally goes, "Jackass! Try the handle! DUH!" Sam himself does so, and opens the door. Heh. The boys enter the den to confront the good Mr. Hudson as the clock subtly tick-tocks in the background, and long story short, Evan confesses he traded his immortal soul for his wife's life. She was riddled with cancer, you see, and mere days from death when Evan met the devil at the crossroads. "I made the deal," he admits, "and I'd do it again -- I'd have died for her on the spot." Dean gets all angsty, of course, with some part of his mind correctly linking Evan's situation to what happened to him at the hospital in the season premiere, and he copes with the painful realization in his usual way: By turning into a gigantic, raging asshole. Yaaaaawn. "Didn't we already see this in that episode with the zombie?" Raoul wonders. "You know, the one who slashed her worthless slut of a boyfriend's throat?" Yes, Raoul. Yes, we did, and there's really not much of a reason for us to be watching it again, so let's cut to the chase.

Sam and Dean exit into the hallway to strategize, and Dean ends up flipping Sam the pouch of graveyard dirt mixed with snakeskin, ash, powdered sulfur, salt, red and black pepper, powdered bones, powdered insect chitin, herbs, and iron filings, ordering him to lay down a protective circle of the stuff to keep the hellhound at bay for as long as he can. Dean, meanwhile, intends to head to the crossroads to summon the demon. He can trap it, his reasoning goes, and afterwards exorcise it, thereby buying them all enough time to map out a more permanent solution while the demon herself figures out a way to "claw [her] way back from Hell and into the sunshine." Darling Sammy objects vociferously, mainly because Darling Sammy has also realized that Daddy Shut Up made a similar deal to save Dean's life in the season premiere, and I'm sure I'd find the subsequent heartfelt discussion of Dean's true motives very touching indeed if I hadn't fallen asleep almost as soon as it began. In any event, Evan shouts that he thinks the hellhound's out in the backyard, so Dean books it out of there while yelling for Sam to follow his instructions.

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