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Oh, Hardy Boys, Do You Know What That's Worth?

In any event, the two bang their heads together and eventually realize that yes, Heaven must involve a particular soul or essence or whatever reliving his or her most cherished memories, and this is followed by a gigantic girly slapfight right there in the middle of the Victorian's parlor when Pissy Dead Deano groks to the fact that Selfish Dead Sammy's most cherished memories don't involve Dean at all, and just as I'm about to hurl more of Raoul's wriggly snacks at the two pretty, pretty idiots now occupying my television screen, an unseen force swoops in from above to set the entire house to trembling. "I don't remember this," Sam frowns as a bright, white searchlight starts penetrating the Victorian's interior through the windows. "We should, uh," an increasingly panicked Dean begins. "Yeah," Sam quickly agrees, so the two duck into corners and dive behind couches and such until the unseen force passes. The instant things have quietened down, Dean races for the hi-fi and starts slapping at the radio, trying to raise My Sweet Baboo. "I can hear you," Castiel replies, only his jumpy, jittery, black-and-white image is now filling the TV at the opposite end of the room. The boys hustle on over, with Dean babbling about the recent disturbance while taking care to emphasize that bright, white searchlight they saw. "Don't go into the light!" Castiel immediately warns. "Thanks, Carol Anne!" Dean jokes, even though he knows My Sweet Baboo will not get the reference. Jackass. And, long expository dump short, the bright light was Zachariah, who of course knows Sam and Dean are dead, and who of course wants to plug their souls or essences or whatever back into their bodies, pronto, so The Apocalypse might proceed as planned. Neither Sam nor Dean has a problem with this, but Castiel does, as he wants the boys to find an angel named Joshua first, because rumor has it that Joshua speaks directly with God on a regular basis, and it might therefore behoove them to track this Joshua down to see what The Big Guy's had to say about the impending shitstorm down on Earth. Castiel tells them that Joshua lives in The Garden, which is located at Heaven's center. That two-lane blacktop Dean followed to find Sam? It's actually the axis mundi and, if Sam and Dean stick to the path without getting snagged by Zachariah and his henchangels, Our Dead Heroes should find this Joshua person before the end of the episode. Got all that? "Not really!" Doesn't matter, because it pretty much gets repeated over and over again, anyway. "Okay!" Wonderful.

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