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The Hardy Boys Spell "Trouble" T-R-U-B-I-L
find themselves immediately confronted by Sheriff Mills and one of her deputies, because Mrs. Zombie Clay called 9-1-1. D'OH! And on top of all that, Sheriff Mills has the gall to arrest Sam and Dean for harassing one of her constituents. Dean's pretty much, "This is the thanks we get for catching the undead killer zombie?" "Whatever he is or isn't," Sheriff Mills carefully replies, "that don't give you the right to shoot him in the middle of the street." "I can't believe you were gonna kill me!" Zombie Clay pouts. "You're a zombie!" Dean shouts as Sheriff Mills slaps the cuffs on his wrists. "I'm a taxpayer!" Zombie Clay haughtily retorts before disappearing back into his house, and with that, Our Intrepid Heroes find themselves...

...locked up together in one of the county jail's cells. Fortunately, Bobby's arrived to talk Sheriff Mills into letting his friends go, and as the three make their way to the street, Sam hisses in Bobby's ear, "I thought the sheriff hated you!" "She did," Bobby confesses, "'til five days ago." Dean cocks a quizzical brow and quite naturally wonders, "What happened five days ago?" "The dead started rising all over town," Bobby admits. The boys clench simultaneously and begin to upbraid the cripple for LYING to them, but Bobby just waves a hand around in the air and orders them to follow him back to The Emporium, where he'll be able to offer them a fuller explanation of his actions -- or lack thereof -- in private.

Emporium. The boys lope into the dining room behind Bobby's wheelchair to find a pert and perky ash blonde setting the table, and yep, you guessed it: It's Bobby's long-ago slaughtered wife "Karen" back from the dead, and I have to admit that she's looking pretty good for a reanimated corpse. Well, aside from the pallid complexion and the sunken eyes and the crispy lips wrapped around her dingy teeth and all that. "Her dress!" shrieks Raoul from the depths of his den. "THEY MUST KNOW OF HER DRESS!" and ooops. My bad, Raoul! For, as I noted in the recaplet, Zombie Karen's apparently been doomed to lurch through her unnatural afterlife in her old poly double-knit waitress uniform, and of all this episode's many, many tragedies, it is this that most affected your faithful recapper's faithful recapping companion. "HATEFUL!" And on that depressing note, we enter this evening's first commercial break most woefully CHOMP!-less.

Emporium dining room. Aftermath. And a pleasant aftermath it is indeed for all involved -- most especially Dashing El Deano -- for The Undead Mrs. Bobby has made them pie. Mmmm. Undead Zombie Pie. In any event, after The Undead Mrs. Bobby has finished serving her husband and his guests, Bobby asks her for a moment alone with the boys, and the instant her cadaverous ass has disappeared behind the kitchen door, Our Intrepid Heroes light into the cripple like so: "Are you crazy? What the hell?" "I can explain," Bobby feebly replies, but Dean's not having it at all, and immediately spits back, "Explain what? Lying to us, or the American Girl zombie making cupcakes in your kitchen?" Heh. The three bicker for a lengthy period of time, with Bobby of course strenuously defending his zombie bride's honor, and when the bickering finally tapers off, we arrive at the long-awaited exposition dump. Seems fifteen or twenty previously dead residents of Sioux Falls somehow rose from their graves a little less than a week ago to pick up their lives where they'd left them off, even though several of those previously dead town residents had been cremated, like Mrs. Bobby. These zombies have no scars, wounds, or reaction to typical implements of demonic destruction like salt or silver or holy water, but their arrival was presaged by a series of violent lightning storms, and Bobby did find an ominous passage in a variant translation of The Book Of Revelation which reads as follows:

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