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The Hardy Boys Full-On Swayze That Mother. Again.

Out on the street, a female jogger runs right through Astral Sam, which gives naughty Astral El Deano An Idea, so he sticks his fist and most of his left arm through Astral Sammy's remarkably broad chest. Astral Sam bitchfaces. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" Astral Dean warily asks. "Get out of me," Astral Sam orders flatly, though still with the bitchface. "You're such a prude," Astral Dean sniffs before darting off to points unknown, and a great big Hee! to all of that. "It was awfully saucy of the dear lads!" Raoul agrees, blushing. "[Titter!]"

Later, down the street from yet another previously used location -- from within, in fact, the same house used in that episode -- The Ghost Of Young Cole Griffith stares sullenly out his second-story bedroom window as Our Intrepid Astral Projections cross the sidewalk below. The Eagle-Eyed Astral Anti-Christ notices the kid, and right before the preadolescent ghost buzzes and blinks out, Dean recognizes the kid from The Greybull Gazette's last obituary page before all this shit went down. DUN! Except, you know, not, because everyone in the audience recognized the near-infant long before Our Intrepid Astral Projections did, so whatever, show, and where the hell is the goddamned gore already? "That's what I said!"

Meanwhile, inside the recycled location, the apparent Mrs. Griffith wanders sunken-eyed and grieving into her dead son's bedroom and starts talking to him -- because she can still "feel his presence," or some such bullshit -- but any hopes she has for a comforting reunion through The Veil from The Other Side with her dead son are dashed to pieces when Cole's unruly ghost starts flinging soccer balls at her head. Of course, he's aiming for Astral Sam 'N' Dean, who have invaded the house unbeknownst to Mama Griffith, but this poor woman hasn't a clue about all that, and so flees her dead son's bedroom in terror while Our Astral Idiots moronically dodge the balls that would have just passed through their ghastly forms anyway. Oh, boys. Why so stoopid? Don't answer that, Raoul. "Who are you?" Cole demands. Astral Sammy -- bless his dim little Anti-Christ heart -- goes to great lengths to explain the current spectral situation, but his kindly effort is met with a curt rebuff from the kid. "Yeah, thanks, Haley Joel, I know I'm dead," Ghost Cole snaps before asking, "What do you want?" "To talk," Astral Sam splutters. "'Bout what?" the kid suspiciously spits, and the next thing you know, we're off to...

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