Death's Door

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The Hardy Boys Cough Up The Hairball

...rejoin Rufus in the church's crypt. Perhaps significantly, he's in his regular clothes this time around, while Rufus is still modeling that stylish exterminator's outfit. In any event, Rufus speed-talks his way through a few more particulars of the case they're working -- it's a pissed-off ghost, so they need to desecrate her grave, pronto -- and he continues to ignore Bobby's increasingly frantic pleas for help in favor of taking a sledgehammer to the mausoleum nameplate dedicated to the late "Lara Coggins." And as that sledgehammer connects, it knocks all of us right into...

...the real world, where a harried team of doctors is now ramming Bobby's soon-to-be corpse through the emergency room's swinging doors at The Hammonton Regional Trauma Center. Naturally, a fretful-looking Sam and Dean wring their hands impotently on the sidelines until an orderly hustles them out into the hall, and medical babbling ensues for a very lengthy period of time before we finally...

...reenter Bullet-Brained Bobby's head. Rufus has pried open Dead Lara's coffin just in time for the ghoulish-looking specter of Dead Lara herself to come screaming in from the sidelines and plunge a vaporous fist into Bobby's chest, whereupon she commences to squeeze away at Bullet-Brained Bobby's heart while...

...Actual Bobby comes perilously close to flatlining. Dean makes with the wounded little doe eyes, and Sam gulps while various medical personnel spew a series of orders I'll not be bothering to transcribe, and then it's...

...back to the crypt, where Rufus quite awesomely smashes through Dead Lara's spectral form with a length of iron bar. Bobby drops to the floor, dazed, as Dead Lara quickly reforms to slam Rufus headfirst into another wall of the crypt, and now it's Rufus's turn to drop to the floor, where he proceeds to bleed out from several fresh gashes in his scalp. Coma Bobby wastes little time scrambling to his feet to torch Dead Lara's bony remains with a cunning little hand-held flamethrower, and Dead Lara presently howls and wails and blazes her merry way down to The Waste Land, or wherever the hell it is the vanquished demons are sent now that The Colethazor's destroyed that skinny little power-sucking Jenny Craig worm, and as soon as she's vanished, we...

...return topside to learn that Soon-To-Be-Dead Bobby's stabilized. For now.

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