Death's Door

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The Hardy Boys Cough Up The Hairball

Meanwhile, Bullet-Brained Bobby extinguishes that cunning little hand-held flamethrower and realizes this particular memory of his includes a near-death experience for good old Rufus. "Balls!" And yes, gentle reader, that was an exact quote. From Bobby, not me. Just making sure you understand.

Hammonton Hospital Of Horrors. Another doctor approaches Our Intrepid Heroes to tell them what the audience already knows of Soon-To-Be-Dead Bobby's dire condition. This time around, Dean makes with the moist wounded little doe eyes, and when Sam gulps, his manly sideburns warp themselves into a pair of teeny, tiny, sad-faced frowns on his cheeks. Awwwwwww. Oh, and did I neglect to mention The Lachrymose Cello Of Impending Death And Despair sawing away on the soundtrack beneath these tender, touching moments? Well, consider that abhorrent omission rectified.

Back in Comatoseland, Bullet-Brained Bobby spots the beflanneled brat loitering outside yet another medical center, but when he bellows for the kid to come over and chat, the beflanneled brat pulls another runner on him. Good thing, too, because Rufus is just now being discharged from his near-death experience to kick-start a necessary bout of exposition. Long story short, and in a terribly roundabout way, Rufus informs Bobby that the only way back to reality is through a door in Bobby's "worst memory." And when all that's over and done with, Rufus finally thinks to ask, "What the hell are you going on about, anyway?" Bobby whips out that sheet of paper from his jacket pocket and flaps it around in the air beneath Rufus's nose while blurting, "This! I gotta find the right door to get this to Sam and Dean!" "I'm in a coma," Bobby finally explains, "right now." "Get out," Rufus scoffs. "I got shot in the dunce cap!" Bobby all but shouts, and DRINK! "You sure?" Rufus eyebrows. "Unfortunately," Bobby sighs. They banter about Rufus being one of Bobby's "better memories" until the ground beneath them begins to quake, and the shaking doesn't stop until Rufus agrees to accompany Bobby on his own trek down memory lane. The two amble over toward the medical center's doors, with Rufus urging Bobby to aim for that elusive worst memory of his. "I got a metric ton of 'worst,'" Bobby gripes, but Rufus helps things along considerably when he makes note of the fact that Dead Lara went to great pains to accuse Bobby of being a "heartbreaker" before she proceeded to molest his internal organs during that earlier scene in the crypt. Bobby sets a determined look on his face, and the two step across the medical center's threshold to enter...

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