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It's Time To Put This Hardy Boys Thing to Bed

Sam rushes to his brother and tells him that John is right there. Sam creeps over to his father's inert body. John bolts awake, crying, "Sammy! It's still alive. It's inside me, I can feel it. Shoot me! You shoot me! You shoot me in the heart!" Sam cocks the gun, but Dean groans from the floor, "Don't you do it, Sam." John continues ordering his son to kill him, telling him that they can end it right now, but Sam continues to hesitate. He lowers the gun, and an enormous plume of black smoke gets expelled out of John's mouth. John gives Sam a pained and disappointed look and we Metal Teeth Chomp to commercials.

The Metallicar zooms along, Sammy driving, John in the front seat wincing and groaning, Dean slumped in the back passenger side. "Bad Moon Rising" plays on the radio. Sam says they're just ten minutes from the hospital. John yells at Sam for not killing him. Now there's a parenting strategy I haven't ever heard of before. Sam says that "no, sir," killing The Demon doesn't come before everything, and reminds his dad that they still have that damn stupid gun. Sam babbles on about starting over, when KA-POW! a huge semi comes out of nowhere and slams into the passenger side of the Metallicar, metal screeching, glass shattering, the truck and car scraping along the ground with great speed. Even after multiple viewings, that crash makes me jump out of my skin. Bravo. We fade to black for a moment, the Credence Clearwater Revival increasing in volume in the background, and then get a close-up of the truck driver up in his cab -- big, black demon eyes and all -- pulling back to reveal the Metallicar crushed below. We pan into the car, across each Winchester, bloody and unconscious. Unbearable! And now? We wait.

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