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It's Time To Put This Hardy Boys Thing to Bed

Commercials. Sam pours salt across various door and window jambs as Dean crouches out on the fire escape. Um, that was easy. And boring. Cut to the three thudding to concrete after descending the escape ladder. Dean supports John when BotoxoCop comes out of nowhere and tackles Sam. Dean props John up against the outside of the building, and runs back to give BotoxoCop a footful of fury, going all Van Damme on his face. BotoxoCop takes a moment to throw Dean through the air, crashing him onto the windshield of a random car. He then resumes beating the living crap out of Sam. Sam's face is getting thwacked this way and that, and the situation looks pretty grim until BotoxoCop is pulled up straight, his face zapped through with some kind of electricity. He slumps over to the side and the camera pans over to the smoking barrel of a gun. The gun.

Dean goes to the wheezing and royally effed up Sam and picks him off the ground. He pauses to give a real older brother glare at BotoxoCop's dead body and then rushes off to peel John off the pavement as well. Those are some big mens Dean's having to wrangle. Rrrawwr!

The Metallicar zooms. We transition to a cozy-looking cabin, the cozitude of which is underscored by Piano Plinks of Manly Bonding. Sam does some more salt-sprinkling. If you ever told me that there would be a television show purporting to be in the action/horror genre where one of the main activities for the heroes was sprinkling salt on a variety of domestic surfaces, I would've farted in your cup of tea. Sam's face is majorly bruised, and the brothers have a mini-heart-to-heart while John "rests." Sam worries that they were followed, but Dean reassures him that they've holed up in a real "out of the way place." And I try to suppress the rage, and I know I'm supposed to suspend disbelief, but if a demon is a demon, and that demon behaves as the demons they've encountered so far, why wouldn't they understand that A DEMON CAN FIND YOU ANYWHERE?Sam acknowledges that Dean saved his life and Dean takes some salt from the floor and rubs it right into Sam's bleeding face: "Bet you're glad I brought the gun, huh?" Sam sighs exasperatedly, and Dean simply says, "You're welcome." Dean takes a moment to reflect on killing BotoxoCop and Short Lip, both human beings who had simply been possessed. Dean, in a profile close-up against a pitch-black background, stares off to the side in amazement. He isn't bothered, really, about having killed them, he knows he didn't have a choice. But, he says, "I didn't hesitate. I didn't even flinch. For you and Dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it's just, ah...scares me sometimes."

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