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The Hardy Boys In The Sky With Diamonds

Heroin Suite, Dream Division. The blood-spattered Dean The Second slumps against the wall until...his eyes snap open, beetle-black! DUN! "You can't escape me!" Demon Dean screams, shooting forward to freak Dream Dean out most thoroughly, indeed. "You're gonna die, and this? This is what you're gonna become!" Dreamy Dean's all, "Jesus Christ. How much longer is this fucking scene gonna drag on?"

Impala. Batshit Jeremy speechifies for a lengthy while until Super-Smart Sammy realizes that he himself took the Dream Root, too, and the next thing we know, he's summoned that impossibly rough-looking 21-year-old who's supposed to be Batshit Jeremy's abusive father, and the instant Jeremy's attention has thus been diverted, Jeremy unwittingly relinquishes control of this dream world to Action Sammy, who nearly whacks Batshit Jeremy's head clear off his neck with one swing of the bat. "VIOLENCE!"

Real-World Flophouse. The force of the dream blow nearly slams the real Batshit Jeremy awake. "KILL HIM!"

Suite. Demon Dean pounces upon Dreamy Dean. "KINKY!"

Impala. Jeremy's dream skull caves the hell in when Action Sammy nails him in the forehead. "WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT VIOLENCE!"

Flophouse. Batshit Jeremy thrashes around for a bit until he dies, evidently choking on his own blood. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!"

Suite. Demon Dean vanishes in a loud flash just as...

...Our Intrepid Heroes snap awake in the real-world Impala. Vigorous panting abounds until both are swallowed by a deeply gratified METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Motel. Aftermath. Sam and Bobby run through recent events, with Bobby wondering if Sam's latent psychic abilities might be responsible for his rapid mastery of dreamwalking. Sam, suddenly troubled, clearly hadn't considered that possibility before, but brushes the suggestion off anyway. D'OH! They eventually join Dean in The Heroin Suite, where Dean notes that hateful Posh Bela's not answering her phone. Bobby finally gets a chance to notify them that he never saved Bela's aggravating life in Flagstaff, so she was LYING about her whole reason for being there in the first place. "You boys better check your pockets," Bobby warns, so Dim Dean and Stupid Sammy immediately start digging, forcing poor, put-upon Bobby to sigh, "Not literally." Heh. Dim Dean rolls his eyes and crosses to the safe, which is of course empty. "The [Fucking] Colt?" Sam seethes. "[Fucking] Bela stole The [Fucking] Colt?" "Hooray!" Raoul shrieks, for he and I hate that damn gun. "With a passion!" Raoul agrees. "Pack your crap," Dean orders. "Why?" Sam flails. "We're gonna hunt that bitch down," Dean duhs. It's about time, losers.

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