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The Hardy Boys In The Sky With Diamonds

...rapping on a cash-strapped undergraduate's door while flashing a fake Pittsburgh City Police Department badge that identifies him as "Detective Robert Plant." The cash-strapped undergraduate who answers the knock is apparently too poor to afford Led Zeppelin CDs, for he does not call the LYING LIAR out on this latest LIE of his, but instead invites Detective Plant into his scummy little dorm room and offers him a beer, which El Deano accepts to what will become his everlasting regret. "Ooops! Spoiler!" Hey, do you want to get to the bludgeoning or not? "Absolutely!" Then hold that forked tongue of yours for a little bit so I can get through this crap, okay? "Okay!" So, long story short, The Good Doctor was investigating Charcot-Wilbrand syndrome, which is defined as a "loss or reduction in dreaming or its imagery" "following brain insult." "Hey!" Raoul heedlessly interjects despite my earlier admonition. "My brain's been insulted by this show litrilly thousands of times, and I have absolutely no problems dreaming at all!" "Especially," Raoul adds with a winking titter, "of better episodes! Hee! See what I did there?!" Yes, yes, we see what you did there, and we're further sure that you're quite superior in every respect, Raoul, but I really must get through this exposition quickly, so would you mind? "Absolutely not! Continue!" Excellent. So, the cash-strapped undergraduate -- his name's "Jeremy," by the way -- turned out to be a perfect subject for the study because, as he LIES to Dean, he had "a bike accident" when he was a kid, and hasn't dreamt since his wee noggin made contact with the asphalt all those many years ago. The Good Doctor temporarily cured all that by dosing Jeremy with a foul-tasting yellow tea that instantly knocked Jeremy out, hurling him into "the most vivid, super-intense dream" Jeremy likens to "a bad acid trip." The experience, Jeremy claims, was so terrifyingly awful that he dropped out of the study immediately. Dean's all, "Mmm-hmmmmm!" for a moment before the camera punts him back over to...

...Comatose Bobby's bedside, where he stares contemplatively at the hairy vegetable for a very long time until Darling Sammy ambles into the room from the hall outside. After confirming that the hairy vegetable remains, well, a hairy vegetable, Sam busts out the research he's managed to conduct and informs Dean that, according to lore, African Dream Root's used for "dreamwalking," which is exactly what you'd think it would be, so let's get to the bit where Sam cautions that, if you take enough of the stuff and practice real hard, "you could become a regular Freddy Krueger." And as that is also exactly what you'd think it would be, let's get to the bit where they realize The Good Doctor must have pissed off one of his much-abused subjects to the extent said patient took it upon him- or herself to invade The Good Doctor's dreams and off the bastard. Just go with it, because in addition to that brutal bludgeoning I've been mentioning, there's also that spectacular bit where Dean shoots himself in the chest, and it's all at least twenty minutes away, so let's dive with the camera into...

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