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The Hardy Boys In The Sky With Diamonds

So, I hate her, and she refuses to die, and although Jared Padalecki is his usual adorable self with the uncomfortable squirming and blushing that ensues on Sam's part, I HATE HER, so let's get through this quickly, shall we? "We must! I fear your head will explode otherwise!" Yeah, it'd be the first amount of gore you've seen all goddamned evening, my scaly friend, so I don't know why you're complaining. "Oh, that would be far too messy here in real life! And me with a fresh manicure?! I think not!" Fresh manicure, huh? It's not of the French variety, now is it? "Bite your tongue! Those ghastly shades of pink clash with my scales! Now, do be a dear and get on with it already!" Christ. Okay, okay. If I must. "You must!"

So, despite having told Dean earlier that she'd no interest in assisting them, Posh Bela's turned up on their doorstep with the magical herb they'd been longing for, and when quizzed by El Deano regarding her change of heart, Posh Bela LIES that Bobby once saved her life in Flagstaff -- and do you get it? With THE BONER IN SAM'S PANTS, DO YOU GET IT? -- so she's returning the favor to Bobby, and if they don't believe her, Our Intrepid Heroes can rot in Hell for all she cares. Or something like that. Dim Dean totes the jar of Dream Root over to the motel room's safe -- thereby revealing to Posh Bela both the fact of the safe's very existence AND the fact that they've jammed The Fucking Colt in there as well -- and I...I...RAGE and HATE and where the hell was I? "Posh Bela's exit?!" Thanks, Raoul. So, is this scene over with? "It is!" Excellent.

A short time later, Sam's brewed up a couple of mugfuls of the magical herb, and he and Dean settle on the room's twin beds to ingest the crap. First, though, they have to dump a pinch of Bobby's hair into the mix, for as Sam explains, "That's how you control whose dream you're in -- you gotta, uh, drink some of their body." Dean is, of course, grossed out by the very prospect of sucking down any part of Bobby's body at all, but shrugs and slings the hair into his cup anyway. The boys clink a toast, then slug the foul liquid back. Nothing happens. Well, nothing happens until Darling Sammy notices it's suddenly started raining outside. Dean crosses to the window to look, and corrects Darling Sammy's observation, because it has in fact suddenly started raining upside down. DUN! As Dean spins around, what color there'd been up to this point drains out of the scene just as he and Sam find themselves in that Victorian from Bobby's nightmare at the top of the hour. Bravo to the production staff, by the way, because I can't tell if they've green-screened Dean's turn, or if they've simply shifted set pieces around for that little bit, but that whole continuous spin away from the motel window into Bobby's nightmare was seamless.

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