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Feat of Clay
h time talking and patting himself on the back. This gives Aaron the time he needs to sneak up behind him and bean him with a chunk of broken furniture. With the lackeys momentarily distracted, the Winchesters go for their guns. Sam and Dean each pick off a Nazi with shots to the head. Eckhart is pissed. "Fools! You can kill me, but you'll never kill all the Thule!" They shoot and a decent portion of the back of Eckhart's head goes flying. "That's a start," Dean says.

The Winchesters and Aaron take the commercial break to go burn some Nazi corpses. When they return, the golem is still standing motionless in the living room, mouth agape. They should have revived him long enough to at least help with digging the graves. Sam offers to stash the golem, presumably at the hub, but Aaron is ready at last to take up his grandfather's work. Just like Sam and Dean are doing, see? It's... LEGACY! Aaron adds his name to the end of the scroll and places it back in the golem's mouth. The golem takes a breath and turns to face him. He looks less grumpy than before. "Looks like I'm the Judah Initiative now," Aaron says. "Yifalchunbee," says the golem. "I thought I did," Aaron says. The golem gives him a slight bow and says, "Yes." Um... all right?

The Winchesters return to the hub, where Sam happily immerses himself in card cataloging. "What are you doing?" Dean asks. "I'm making a card entry for our copies from the Thule's red ledger for our collection." Note that he's doing this the old-school way, with actual ink on an actual card, and not on a computer. Dean, who's been holding two fresh beers, decides to put them away in favor of whiskey. Dean's trying to figure out his place in all this. "So, what? Aaron's a J.I., and you're a Man of Letters now, is that it?" Sam scoffs lightly, but continues on with his writing without answering. "Good," Dean answers for him. "On the Sunny Side of the Street" plays while the brothers raise their glasses. What is this strange warm feeling inside? Is it necromancy? Drunkenness? A bout of influenza? Oh, wait -- it's happiness. It's such a rarity on this show that it took me a while to recognize it.

It seems a bit late in the season to be introducing all these secret societies, but perhaps they're thinking ahead to next season, should it come. Forethought? Also a rarity, it seems. How are you, the viewers and recap readers, feeling about this development? Are you glad or disappointed that, given the title of the episode, there was no zombie Hitler to be found?

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