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The Hardy Boys...Don't Do Much of Anything, Actually

Dean immediately clompy-stomps back inside and orders Zombie Grandpa and the rest of The Roaming Posse Of Implausible And Boring off the premises, pronto, for he understands, you see, that the frigging genies will not attack until they're certain they won't be outnumbered. Surprisingly enough, everyone agrees with him, and we're soon waving goodbye as The Posse tools off into the night, safely ensconced inside its S&M party van. Meanwhile, Sam decides that this is the perfect moment for a chick-flicky heart-to-heart with his bro, and inquires as to Dean's present state of mind. Dean more or less jokes that he's never been better and bitches briefly about the vast amounts of generalized stupidity surrounding Sam's miraculous resurrection before wondering if Sam would like to chat about his time Down There. Sam would not, thank you very much, and Dean would get all touchy-feely about Sam's recalcitrance, I'm sure, were it not for the fact that he just happens to glance over at Sid's place across the way in time to watch as a couple of frigging genies take out both The Only Other Man In Cicero and The Only Other Man In Cicero's Wife. Dun-dun-DUN! Also: METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Bendy Estates. Immediate aftermath. Dean lunges to snatch up a couple of antidote-filled hypodermics from Sam's bag and bolts for the exit. "They're already dead, and you know it!" Sam protests. "This is happening because of ME!" Dean drama-queens by way of response, and with that, he's out the back door to leap the chain-link fence separating his property from Dead Sid's. Sam rolls his eyes at his brother's foolhardy recklessness, or something, then races back into the living room for a couple of antidote-filled hypodermics of his own, but when he spins back around to chase after Dean, he finds his path blocked by a bald-headed bruiser. In a very nice little effect, a series of intricate tribal tattoos snake down the bald-headed bruiser's arms, so we have confirmation -- as if we needed it -- that this is indeed one of the three frigging genies we've been waiting all hour to see. Manly tussling ensues, with Darling Sammy still suh-huuuuuuuuucking at the hand-to-hand until the camera pimp-slaps us all over to...

...Dead Sid's living room. Dean checks the dead wife for the pulse we already know he's not going to find, then hustles over to Sid's corpse for more of the same when he's accosted by another of the long-awaited frigging genies, who quickly pins Dean's arms behind his back. And then Brigitta -- remember her? The cocktail waitress from the top of the hour who pointedly stroked Dean's bare forearm when she brought the check? -- saunters on in to sneer, "You made it through that last trip, so how about a big, fat double dose?" With that, she latches onto his chiseled jaw with her right hand as a series of intricate tribal tattoos snake down her arm. "Bad news?" she coos. "It'll kill you," she continues, answering her own question. "The good news? At least you'll go fast." Dean goes pop-eyed with anxiety as the strings go nuts on the soundtrack.

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