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The Hardy Boys Meet Bristol Palin

So, once the Monster Chow have been sent on their merry way, the LYING LIARS WHO LIE pull a quick-change and hustle on over to the tastefully appointed double-wide that contains the old coot's longtime housekeeper, and in a bit of singularly awesome casting, the housekeeper's played by the extremity-challenged mother from the infamous X-Files episode from which this evening's entertainment takes its inspiration. Oh, clever, clever show. In any event, posing once more as FBI agents, Our Intrepid Heroes quiz the housekeeper about the murder scene. "I already told the local boys," Mother Peacock replies. "It was blood, everywhere." "And Mr. Gibson?" Dean prompts. "Where was he?" Mother Peacock takes a significant moment to choose her words correctly, then carefully repeats, "Everywhere." Heh. "And why were we not witness to that?!" Raoul shrieks, feeling somewhat predictably cheated. "Oh, you trying little man!" Raoul howls, suddenly turning upon your faithful recapper. "Must I remind you that we are nearly a full fourth of the way through this tiresome tale, and we have had but one jet of delicious arterial spray to last us the entire previous ten minutes!? Where are the wanton acts of unrepentant violence?!" Well, see, I think they're going for something a little more atmospheric this week, and -- "Silence! Where is the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!?" Raoul! "WHAT?!" Now just calm down. We wouldn't want a repeat of the last time you got so overexcited, now would we? "Oh, I do apologize!" Raoul shrieks, blushing deeply and immediately at the unfortunate memory. "Please, let us speak no more of it!" I won't if you won't, pal. "Agreed! Now, do continue with your charming little story!" I never would have stopped if you hadn't started shrieking, you dizzy lizard, but okay.

"How long have you been cleaning Mr. Gibson's house?" Sam asks, and I should note that Mother Peacock apparently refused to let the LYING LIARS WHO LIE into her double-wide, so this entire conversation's being held through her screen door, and the resulting through-the-screen shots of the trio's questions and responses are doing very pretty things indeed to all of the faces involved. I should also note that the screening of Mother Peacock's face probably means something symbolic or important or symbolically important, but as we never find out later that she, say, knew all along that there were twin inbred mutant freaks locked in the farmhouse basement -- ooops! SPOILER! -- I'll ignore all of that in favor of keeping this already-overlong recap going, okay? "Okay!" In any event, Mother Peacock's response to Sam's question is, "About five years," and while you might think that'd indicate she had more than a passing familiarity with the victim, you'd be wrong. "He was real private," Mother Peacock allows. "Not the easiest man," she continues, before hastening to add, "not that I blame him." Darling Sammy goes, "Buh?" so Mother Peacock elaborates: "His wife dies in childbirth, daughter hangs herself in the attic twenty years later? I'd be bitter, too." The three let those bits of information hang in the air for a few lengthy Do You Get It, Audience Of Ours? No, Seriously, Do You Get It? Because We Have About Six Minutes' Worth Of Pretty, Pretty Reaction Shots That'd Otherwise End Up On The Cutting Room Floor, And We Can Stick All Of Them In Here In Case You Haven't Gotten It Yet seconds until Mother Peacock vanishes deep inside her double-wide to retrieve a couple of photos of the late women in the late Mr. Gibson's life. After she passes those pictures to Dean through the door, we learn that, while Mother Peacock occasionally heard rustling noises emanating from the farmhouse walls, she simply assumed there was a rat infestation, and thought nothing more of it. Also -- and disappointingly enough for Our Intrepid Heroes, who thought they were dealing with a simple pissed-off ghost or two, here, just in case you didn't get it before -- Mother Peacock ends the interview by revealing both Mrs. and Daughter Gibson were cremated after their untimely demises. D'OH! Sam and Dean head back to the car determined to rip the farmhouse apart if necessary in order to find (and then salt and burn) the human remains they're still certain represent the source of their murderous ghost.

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