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Schoolhouse Schlock

Krissy pulls up ATM pictures of the vampire they're hunting. They don't think it's odd that a vampire would be using a debit card instead of just, say, killing and robbing someone. She says she's tapped into the hotel's security cameras and found out where he's staying. Aidan dons a camera headset and holsters his machete. "Hey, how about we start a new tradition: before each job, we give each other good-luck kisses." He directs this suggestion at Krissy, but it's the other girl who responds with, "How about I punch you in the throat instead?" She instantly becomes my favorite of this trio.

She and Aidan head out of the room, leaving Krissy behind to monitor things via computer. "You know, you're not gonna get anywhere with Krissy with those cheesy moves," she says. "How about you stop putting salt in my game and mind your own business," he retorts. Krissy, witnessing the exchange through their headsets, rolls her eyes and smiles. As Aidan and my favorite approach the vampire's motel room, they notice spatters of red on the floor. "Blood?" asks my favorite. Aidan touches his fingers to a spatter, and then tastes it to confirm that it is, indeed, blood. Dear God, how disgustingly unsanitary, not to mention incredibly stupid. It would be gross enough to go around licking up random human blood, but what if it were vampire blood? He'd be well and truly screwed, wouldn't he? Aidan kneels before the door, takes out his lock picks...

...and then Sam and Dean walk through the door towards us. Why the switch? It's a needlessly awkward transition. A gun cocks to Dean's left. "Hi, Krissy," he says, since it's into her room that the Winchesters have barged. "What are you two doing here?" she asks. "We're the stars, you twerp," Dean says in my mind. "Saving your bacon," Deans says in the show. Krissy snits that her bacon doesn't need saving, and then realizes that the Winchesters managed to find her even though she paid cash everywhere she went. They followed her trail of obnoxiousness. Also, it wasn't like the town had a lot of different motels they had to search. Only now does the insufferable little brat finally lower her gun. "Krissy, where's your dad?" Sam asks. "Dead," she says. Before the Winchesters have a chance to offer their sympathies, she puts up her Wall of Teenaged Defenses and quips, "Well, let's do this again, like, never." Sadly, Sam and Dean do not leave the little brat to fend for herself while they motor off in search of a better story, but stick around to ask her about her friends.

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