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Schoolhouse Schlock

By the time Dean and Krissy finish their chat, the other kids have wrapped the dead vamp like an Easter ham. Sam pulls Dean aside to say the others told him about Victor, too. "Didn't we meet up with a hunter named Victor in Spokane?" he asks. Dean casts back in his memory and finds Victor. "Wow, that was a long time ago." They decide to go talk to him because he was telegraphed as the bad guy as soon as Krissy mentioned his name.

That entire outdoors scene was terrible, even aside from the less-than-stellar acting. The show is suffering from an overuse of tight close-ups. It's lots of talking heads, just going back and forth, expositing information, one at a time. It's exhausting.

The Winchesters follow the teens to their new home, which they're surprised to learn is a very nice house in the suburbs. Dean takes in the bookshelves, fireplace, tastefully painted walls and comes up with "huh" as a response. Victor comes down the stairs to introduce himself to the Winchesters. Sam has to remind them that they actually met once before, during a Rugaru hunt. (Although not the Rugaru hunt from Season Four.) Victor has to think about it for a minute, like he wouldn't recognize Andre the Giant and Blue Steel over here the second he laid eyes on them. Eventually he does remember them, or maybe he just feels a certain kinship with Sam because they sort of have the same hair. Josephine interrupts to get a hug from Victor. "Better now?" he asks her. "Much," she sighs. "Good," he says. "Now, don't you have a trig test in the morning?" Josephine sighs again and bounces up the stairs. Aidan tries to get away with playing video games for the rest of the night, but Victor tells him to clean his room. Krissy promises Victor a full report on the hunt in the morning, then leaves for her room. Victor beams with pride while the Winchesters stand around looking even more dumbfounded than usual.

As they sit down for drinks, Sam and Dean express their amazement that the kids are going to school. "So, how does this work?" Dean asks. "After soccer practice they chop vampires' heads off?" Victor acts like this is the most normal thing in thing in the world, asking, "I think a balanced approach is best, don't you?" Dean thinks the kids shouldn't be hunting at all. Victor points out that he's giving the kids a purpose in life. "Why would you want to take that away?" he asks. "So they don't get killed," Sam says. Sounds perfectly logical, right? But Victor says the kids know the risks, and goodness knows kids are just so great at risk assessment. He's been smiling pretty much through the whole conversation so far, but he grows serious as he talks about how the next generation of hunters needs to be better. He points out the failings of Bobby, Garth and Martin, but kindly neglects to mention the spectacular faux pas of present company. Instead, he extols Josephine's athletic ability, Aidan's handy pickpocketing skills and Krissy's abilities as a leader. "These kids are the cream of the crop," he says, "and once they get their revenge, they'll be better hunters than any of us ever dreamed of." Just in case you hadn't picked up on Victor's villainy by this point, the ominous music underscoring this scene should clue you in. Perhaps he should add "being subtle" to the list of qualities to be honed in the next generation.

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