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Schoolhouse Schlock

Sam is perusing the family photos back at Casa Victor when the kids come home early from school. Victor pulled them out because he's found the vampire who killed Krissy's dad. He shows them a printout from a local gas station's security cam. The woman in it matches a police sketch and description, but the real kicker is a close-up showing the necklace she's wearing. Krissy recognizes it as her father's. Sam is suspicious when he compares the two different photos, but Krissy has all the evidence she needs.

Dean calls to update Sam, telling him that the vamp at the motel was made within the last month. Josephine's family was murdered three months ago. Sam tells Dean about the security camera photos, and how one of them didn't have a timestamp on it. They don't know whether Victor is lying or just wrong. As they end their call, Sam catches sight of the blue van parked in the street just outside Victor's house. Sam's face goes, "Uh oh!" The kids have already left in search of that vampire, so Sam tells Victor about the van. "Looks like we're going hunting," Victor says, because they have the time to waste.

Meanwhile, Dean returns to the motel. "Nice to see you again," the clerk says, and sounds like he means it. Dean hands over some cash. "I need to know who checked into room 215 yesterday." The clerk says it was some guy in a hoodie, and points out a wall of tourist brochures. "He took one of those... the one that says 'lodge' on it." Dean finds the relevant brochure and heads out.

Sam and Victor go for a peek at the van. Finding it empty, they make for the woods nearby.

Dean pulls up outside Conway Springs Lodge, having stopped somewhere along the way to change out of his FBI suit and back into his street clothes. The lodge, closed for the season, is abandoned except for vampires and maybe little boys who talk to their fingers. With a machete in one hand and flashlight in the other, Dean skulks his way into the first room he comes across. He finds a woman with very long black hair sitting huddled in the darkness. The side of her head is bloody. "Please make it go away," she cries. "It hurts so much!" When Dean turns on the lights, she begs him to turn them off again, complaining that it's too bright. She gasps as her piranha teeth pop out. "What's happening to me?" He yanks her to her feet, holds the machete to her throat. "Has this ever happened to you before?" he asks. "No, there's something wrong with me," she says. "That guy, he did something to me." She describes the blue van, saying that the driver grabber her and brought her to this place. She doubles over in pain, grabbing her stomach. Just when things start getting interesting, those damned kids show up. They seem to be aiming their guns at Dean as much as the vampire.

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