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Schoolhouse Schlock

Back in the woods, Sam and Victor are still in pursuit of Hoodie. They go their separate ways to flank their prey -- or so Sam thinks. Sam is just about to catch up to Hoodie when Victor pops up behind Sam and whacks him across the back of the head. Sam drops to the ground like a steamer trunk full of potatoes. Hoodie and Victor smile at each other. Hoodie flicks his piranha teeth into place. Gasp! Victor is working with a vampire! Seriously, the only surprising thing about this turn of events is that Victor waited this long to knock Sam out.

At the lodge, Dean tries to explain that Krissy has the wrong vampire, but she's even bloodthirstier than her foe. "I don't want to hurt you, Dean, but I will if you don't move." Dean puts his machete away and patiently explains that the vampire is innocent, only a day or two old. "This whole thing stinks," Dean says. "That vamp we killed last night? Why was he swearing he didn't do it?" he asks. "Because he was a liar," Aidan says. "Vampires don't beg for their lives -- they attack," Dean says. The kids are all still pointing their guns at him. You know, I'd normally say I'm against corporal punishment, but these brats all need a whuppin'. Even Dean's patience is starting to run out as he warns them to take their guns off him. Aidan makes some smartass comment, so Dean just plucks the gun out of his hands and empties the chamber in one easy move. Aidan looks like he just had a reverse growth sport. "So, let's say this isn't the vamp that killed my dad," Krissy says, only now lowering her gun. "She's still a monster and deserves to die." Dean tells them that the vamp can be cured if they find her maker and get his blood. "Why should we care about her?" Aidan asks. Dean looks like he's trying very, very hard to keep his cool. "Like I said, is isn't always about the killing," he says, only managing not to add "asshole" because this is The CW. Also, Dean and Sam kill people all the time. What makes this young woman any different than the meatsuits who get possessed by demons against their wills? The answer is that there isn't a difference, except as the plot dictates.

Anyway, the kids don't believe him, and for some reason Dean doesn't mention that he knows from experience. But they eventually agree to bring the young woman to Victor and ask him what's going on.

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