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The Hardy Boys Gotta Have a Friend in Jesus

Sometime later, Our Intrepid Heroes sit across from each other at a picnic bench located in what has got to be the most ridiculously scenic roadside rest area in North America. Dean rolls War's ring between his fingers again for a moment before joking, "So, pit stop on Mount Doom?" I don't get that reference, because I refuse to see those movies, but Sam seems to appreciate it, so I guess it's okay. The four-minute-long dialogue following that exchange basically amounts to this: Sam knows Dean doesn't trust him anymore, and that's cool with Sam, because Sam doesn't trust himself anymore, and he understands he's become an unnecessary burden in Dean's life, and because of Dean's prophesized importance in the upcoming battle against Lucifer, Sam feels it best if they went their separate ways for a while. Dean's more than a bit shattered, but he agrees and, in a sign of their unbroken bond, goes so far as to offer Sam use of Metallicar. Yes, Dean offered to let his brother borrow the Impala. I'm sure I'd be getting emotional at this moment, but this episode's pacing kinda dragged, so now I'm just bored. "[Sniff!] Speak for yourself, you heartless philistine! [Snorfle!]" Oh, Raoul. Here -- have a Kleenex. "Thanks! [HONK!]" And in the end, Darling Sammy and his sad hair and his depressed sideburns retrieve their Wee Knapsack Of Emo Angst And Doom from the Impala's back seat, and they all hitch a ride with the first trucker exiting the rest area, leaving Dejected El Deano alone, again, as the screen fades to black.

Next up: Yet another welcome blast from the past when Adrianne Palicki returns as Jessica Moore to whisper sweet nothings in scantily clad Sammy's ear. I'm thinking you won't want to miss it. "Indeed!" Raoul? "Yes?!" Flagons! "Hooray!"

Demian would never call you a black-eyed bitch to your face. Raoul wants you to know that, should you ever find yourself in an unfortunate possession situation, he has several cunning and cost-effective eye makeup treatments that will make you look your best, even if you aren't feeling your best. You may reach the former at The latter is an imaginary gay dragon currently under house arrest on the Internet.

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