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The Hardy Boys Mock The World Turtle

...outside where, despite the torrential nighttime rains battering against the building's fa├žade, we can see that the entire structure's been carefully restored to all of its mid-century glory. Seriously, were it not for the crappy little Corollas and Accords parked out front, you'd think this place was a Mad Men set. Soon enough, the Impala grumbles up to the hotel's front door, and the next thing we know...

...Our Intrepid Heroes are shouldering their collective way inside, positively drenched from the thundering monsoon that continues to rage outside as they pause to examine their rather posh surroundings. By the way, The Elysian Fields' advertising tagline is apparently "Welcome To Paradise." Nice. As the mellow bossa nova continues underneath, the boys pass the hotel's cozy-looking space-age Astro Lounge to take in the lobby proper and, needless to say, they're impressed. "Nice digs, for once," Dean mugs, and in case you couldn't have guessed by this point, I agree. The design crew must have had a ball with the sets for this episode. In any event, Sam wiggles his eyebrows around and nods his approval as well, and then they're off to check themselves in. Of course, the friendly and efficient gentleman who assigns them a room for the evening is none other than The Sinister Desk Clerk from the top of the hour, and I'd give that a DUN!, I'm sure, were it not already blatantly obvious to everyone watching the show that Our Intrepid Heroes have unwittingly found themselves in serious -- albeit luxuriously appointed -- danger. By the way, The Sinister Desk Clerk's nametag tells me he's going by "Chet" at the moment. Shout-out to the lovely and talented Drunken Bee, or eerie coincidence? You decide. "Busy night," Dean offers by way of check-in-desk small-talk. "Any port in a storm, I guess!" Chet breezily replies. Chet then passes Dean the hotel's registration form to complete, and as he does so, he conscientiously makes note of the shaving nick Dean apparently inflicted upon himself in the very recent past. The scab's opened up a bit, you see, and a small bead of blood has welled up right on Dean's jawline. Of course, now that we're focusing intently on Dashing El Deano's manly jaw, we're noticing that he obviously hasn't shaved for days, so you know: Something's not right with friendly and efficient Chet, here. Which we already knew, because we watched him gank a rent-a-cop in the pre-credits sequence, but whatever, and moving on! Chet whips out a Kleenex from somewhere beneath the front desk and offers it to Dean, who dabs at his neck wound while Chet next presents them with their keys before directing them with a smile to The Elysian Fields' all-you-can-eat buffet. Uh oh. "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

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