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The Hardy Boys Cough Up A Hairball

I think I need a cigarette. "Me too!"

Afterwards, Bedtime Action Sammy and his new best gal-pal cuddle beneath the sheets, spent and asleep. Until that bad moon rises, of course. Ooops. Sam wakes up to find The WereMaddie snarling at him from across the room. He leaps over -- "Naked!" Raoul needlessly reminds everyone -- to stop her, but she's disappeared through the open window long before he crosses the room. His remarkably broad -- "And naked!" -- shoulders are soon swallowed up by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!, which finds them most pleasant indeed, especially after its earlier distasteful encounter with Emmanuelle Vaugier's bizarre and disturbing eyes.

Aftermath. Sam charges through the upper hall of the China Sea Motel until he reaches their room and starts pounding on the door. Dean opens it only to have Sam blast him with the bad news, and the next thing we know, we're following them outside to the Impala while the two conduct this raging argument regarding the nature of evil I so totally don't care about because this episode's timeline is pissing me off again. Mere minutes ago, it was the dead of night, and now it's broad daylight again? WHATEVER, SUPERNATURAL. Oh, by the way, one of them consulted Bobby in the interim and learned that Daddy Shut Up's demonic day-planner is a LYING LIAR WHO LIES, because there's no cure for the werewolvic mojo. Now, did I miss anything in the ongoing and endless debate over Sam's supposed destiny? "Not at all! Feel free to skip it entirely!" Thanks, Raoul. So, at some point, Sam's phone rings, and it's Maddie, and she's stuck in a phone booth somewhere near the naval shipyard wearing nothing more than Sam's cowboy shirt, and she's shaky and scared and whatnot, so Our Intrepid Heroes agree to pick her up. And...scene? "Scene!" Thank God.

Back at the kennel, there follows a very touching, very well-acted, and very long scene that boils down to this: Maddie's a werewolf and Maddie will always be a werewolf, so Our Intrepid Heroes need to waste the motherfucker already. Sorry! I'm sorry. Color me shallow, but I have zero interest in the ethics of slaughtering monsters. Yeah, I thought it was sort of a neat idea when they did it that one time in "Bloodlust" with the cow-sucking vampires, but had I known then that it would drag out in to this whole season-long thing, I'd have done my best to shut that crap down immediately. "Amen to that!" Raoul vociferously agrees. It's a shame, really, because Jared Padalecki's really doing an excellent job with the material he's been given, here, and I've never seen Emmanuelle Vaugier offer a better performance herself, but seriously: Enough. Just waste the motherfucker already. "VIOLENCE!"

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