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The Hardy Boys Cough Up A Hairball

In any event, the scene between the three of them ends with Madison begging Sam -- and she needs it to be Sam -- to save her by killing her. She doesn't want to die, mind you, but she can't go on living as the thing she's become. She lifts the pearl-handled automatic from the dining room table and offers it to him, but Sam simply cannot bring himself to take it from her. Dean quietly steps behind her and gently pulls the thing out of her hand. Sam, no longer able even to look her in the eye and collapsing inside with grief both for the imminent loss of Maddie and for what their defeat this evening will likely mean for both himself and his brother when The Ceiling Demon finally comes to call, retreats into the kitchen as Queensrÿche's "Silent Lucidity" eases onto the soundtrack. Dean follows, leaving Madison alone with her thoughts, and offers once more to take care of it all himself. "You don't have to," Dean whispers. "Yes, I do," Sam replies softly, the tears streaming down his face, and sorry! Sorry to break the mood, here, but they totally lost me at this moment, too, because I'm getting a powerful flashback to the end of Old Yeller, and despite what might actually be coming from his mouth at the moment, all I can hear is Darling Sammy bleating, "No! No. She's my werewolf. I'll do it."

ANY-way, Sam, still weeping, exits into the living room. Geoff Tate sings about a doorway he runs through in the night to hide as the camera slowly tracks in on Dean's anguished expression, and just as his face takes up a full half of the screen, a single, perfect tear drops from his left eye to race down his cheek and disappear off his chin. And then? BAM. Dean flinches, briefly and horribly, when the gun goes off, and the shot reverberates until the camera mercifully cuts away from his face into black.

And that's it for another month, gang. Check back on April 19th for the first of five episodes leading up to this season's finale. "Have fun during the hiatus!"

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