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A Steaming Pile of Cacao

They hightail it to a police station in Minneapolis. They meet with a detective who goes over the case with them. The unnamed detective is played by Alan Ackles, who appears to be having a hell of a lot of fun with this role. He goes over the details of the case: Victim's body wasn't cut open, nothing was stolen besides his heart, he was in town for business and had no local connections. Papa Ackles shows them video from the park's security cameras, which caught the moments before the jogger's death. Dean makes a sound of surprise when he sees the pudgy jogger outstrip the thinner one. "That chubby guy the last person to see the vic alive?" Dean asks. "Other than the killer," Papa Ackles says. "Name's Paul Hayes. We pulled him in for questioning." He dismisses the possibility that Hayes is the killer, saying that they looked into his background and didn't find so much as a parking ticket. It's a little known fact that murderers are actually very conscientious drivers. Dean makes a face like he thinks the detective is a dumbass who doesn't know how to do his job. Papa Ackles plays back the video again. "I mean, look at him. Sure, he can run a little bit, but Thor he ain't. You think he's gonna grab Freddy Fitness here and throw him down and rip out his heart? I don't think so! Forgive me if I didn't take him out back and shoot him." Dean is so surprised and impressed with the vehemence with which the detective can deliver the snark that he can only stare in silence. Luckily, Sam thinks to ask where they can find Paul.

Next stop: Paul's house. While Sam watches patiently, Paul whips up a smoothie that seems to be comprised of equal parts frozen yogurt and Creature from the Black Lagoon. On the kitchen wall behind him is a framed poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger. What we can see of his house is filled with enough fitness equipment to open his own gym. Paul offers Sam a taste of his sludge smoothie, but even Sam isn't that much of a health freak. Sam asks Paul about the dead runner. Paul repeats what he said to the police, basically that he never saw the guy again after he ran past him. Dean returns from a pretend trip to the bathroom. "Too much fiber," he says, rubbing his abdomen. "No such thing," Paul says. "Thank you," Sam says to Paul, and then tosses a "See?" over his shoulder to Dean. Dean stares at Sam for a couple of beats. They gently point out that the other jogger was both younger and less... "Full-figured?" Paul offers when Dean can't come up with a delicate way to say it. Paul says he used to be a lot worse off, eating fried food all the time, working a desk job and then he had a "health scare" about a year ago. He's been taking better care of himself ever since. "Your body is your temple," Dean says. "Where I worship every day," Paul agrees. He raises his glass and downs a big mouthful of sludge while Dean makes a face of comical disgust. Not everyone can eat burgers and fries and still look like a supermodel, Dean.

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