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Drunken Bee: C | 1 USERS: C+
The Hardy Boys 2.0

Commercials. The Hellhounds walk through the RV park with brown grocery bags in their arms. They smarm to Sam and Dean about getting a call from a Hollywood producer who wants to buy the motion picture rights to the story, and maybe let them write it. Wormhole. Open. Because I think it is entirely possible that these morons wrote at least part of this episode. They load up their already overloaded Gremlin, blather on some more useless lines, get in the car, and take off, towing the Airstream behind. As Sam and Dean walk to the Metallicar, Sam tells Dean that he was the one on the phone pretending to be the producer. Dean laughs, and then confesses that he put a dead fish in their back seat. Speaking of dead fish...thank god this episode is over. The brothers agree to a prank truce, get in the Metallicar, and drive off through the tall pines of East Texas to the tune of yet ANOTHER Blue Oyster Cult song. Never thought I'd say this, more cowbell, please.

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