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The Hardy Boys 2.0

Outside, the Nerd Patrol creeps along with their night vision headsets. NoBeard wants to leave, but Beard-y asks, "Would John Edward go?" which...heh. I'm always good for a potshot at a slick-haired cheeseball of a huckster. I mean, as long as nobody's talking smack about my man Roy and the rustic haven he calls "Little Bavaria." They head toward the door to the house just as Dean and Sam bust through running. Dean yells at Beard-y to get his camcorder out of his face, but the Yappy Dogs stand sort of transfixed in front of the door. NoBeard pulls the other one away from the door, and lots of shoving and confusion until the Hellhounds run into two policemen and gesture back toward the door to the house, where nothing much is happening now. The police exasperatedly usher them away.

In some sort of aluminum-sided "western inn," Dean sketches his favorite symbol on a pad of paper. Sam works on his laptop, and Dean "thinks" out loud, wondering why the ghost went after them since the legend claims he only kills "chicks." Dean quips that that might explain why the ghost attacked Sam. Sam fails to see the humor in life, once again. Sam blahs on about how strange it is that the ghost that attacked them had an axe and slit wrists, when the legend they heard was about nooses and hanging. He informs us that ghosts usually follow the same patterns over and over. Sam clicks refresh on his computer and pauses his verbal boredom assault: "Wait a minute." A new posting has come up on that claims Mordechai chopped up his victims and then slit his wrists. Revenge of Mordechai Murdoch: The Internetting. Just then, Dean sits up on the bed and declares that he thinks he's figured out where the legend started.Guitar Licks of Scott Stapp, What Hath You Wrought? play as we transition back to the record store where Craig works. The actor playing Craig does a lot of "finger/face" work, rubbing his forehead, scratching his nose, to try to convey that he has just had it UP TO HERE with this whole legend thing. He tells Sam and Dean that he doesn't feel like talking. Dean cools that he just wants to buy an album, picks one out of the rack, and then cools his way over to Craig. He blabbers about the symbol, revealing that it is from Blue Oyster Cult. If somebody had told me when this year started that I would be spending this much time talking about Blue Oyster Cult in a public venue, I would've shat on their shoe. Dean tells Craig to come clean about the house, instructing him to stop "lying out your ass." Oh, Dean, I know you're curious about Craig's tush, but no need to get so graphic about the ins and outs of it all. Craig confesses: he and his cousin Dana were bored and decided to play this...prank! Sepia-toned reenactment of the pair's mischief, which fully involves the porniest looking "cousin" ever. She's wearing a half-camisole to make a fake haunted house with her cousin, for Christ's sake. It's called a t-shirt. Buy one. In another little memory-vignette, Craig walks up behind Dana and puts a noose around her neck while she applies blush. I ask you: did Hugh Hefner put this flashback together? Because in who else's mind would a woman apply blush and let her boobs flap in the breeze while hanging out with her male cousin and working on an elaborate satanically-inspired prank? Anyhow, things got out of hand as people told one another about the haunted house. Craig tears up and says that they didn't mean for anything to happen, that it was just a joke. Sam and Dean look sympathetic and turn to leave. Dean whispers to Sam about the one thing that doesn't make sense: "If none of it was real, then how the hell do you explain Mordechai?" Metal Teeth Chomp.

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