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The Hardy Boys 2.0

Commercials. Sounds of the shower running. Dean stalks into the motel room, calls to Sam that he's back, and responds to Sam's query with a vague "Oh, I went out." Meanwhile, Dean opens a little pouch of something, pulls Sam's boxers out of his jeans, and sprinkles the contents of the pouch on them. Finally, Dean gets in Sam's pants! Sam is geeking around, yelling from the bathroom that his theory is that Mordechai is "a tulpa" which is a...who the fuck cares, because right at this moment, Sam comes out of the bathroom wearing just a towel slung real low on his hips. Dean acts shifty and scoots into the bathroom, telling Sam to get dressed. Sam sort of pauses, bathed in the yellow light from the window, twitches his left pectoral muscle, and all is forgiven. Yes, even the I-35 nonsense.The boys must have traveled back in time again, because they're back at the drive-in, getting some coffee. Sam has ants in his pants and is itching around downtown; Dean asks him what his problem is, but then, unfortunately, brings up the tulpa crap again. Beware, my friend, and do not abuse my good nature. Sam obliges, of course, and natters on about Tibetan monks in 1915 who meditated so hard they brought "a golem" to life. He continues, saying that if twenty monks could do that, "imagine what 10,000 web servers could do." Um, not much more than numb the boredom that is modern life, I think. Dean is incredulous that people just believing in Mordechai could make him real, saying that people believe in Santa Claus, but he never gets "hooked up at Christmas." Sam sort of overshoots his conversational mark, rather harshly quipping that that's because Dean is "a bad person" before quickly showing Dean something on the laptop. Blah blah blah sigil. Apparently one of the symbols Craig and Porn Cousin painted on the wall is Tibetan and is used to concentrate people's thoughts, so if people are looking at it on the website while thinking about Mordechai, the legend could become real. Hey, anyone hear about the legend about how Jensen Ackles came to my house riding a unicorn and asked if he could braid my hair? Concentrate real hard on that one, please.

As the conversation progresses, Sam's dancing in his pants increases. It's pretty darn cute, actually. And now, I would appreciate if someone out there would concentrate hard enough to create a tulpa that will come and slap some sense into me. The boys move on to discussing how they can kill it. Dean's first suggestion that they get the symbol off the wall and off the website won't work because once a tulpa is created, it takes on a life of its own. Dean articulates the key problem: "How are we supposed to kill an idea?" Sam has no suggestions, but shows how the Hellhounds are further complicating things. He plays the video they posted on the website from the night Mordechai attacked Sam and Dean and notes that the website's hits have "quadrupled." Stupid internet. Dean has an idea that requires that they find a copy shop. Good luck in this tiny town, pal. A nice mid-length shot (very Veronica Mars) of Sam packing his things into his bag and muttering that he thinks he might be allergic to the soap they're using. Dean chuckles, and Sam realizes that he's behind this. We all sort of wish Dean was behind a few other things, as well. Sam calls him a "friggin' jerk."

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