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The Hardy Boys Do Hollywood

Back on the set, as Wall-Eyed Tara continues to plow through the Craptin, one of the waggish fratboys smirks, "Are we gonna finish this up by tomorrow?" causing everyone to break flimsy character and crack up, with Wall-Eyed Tara laughing, "Oh, my God, I hate you so much right now!" which has to be yet another in-joke for the Supernatural cast and crew, because there's no other reason to include it in this episode. After The Unctuous McG calls for a cut, the camera cuts over to the craft services table, where Dean's already returned from the catwalk above to start grazing. Sam ambles up, and wonders what Dean found. Not much, of course, given the dearth of EMF. "So, what do you think?" Sam asks. "Well," Dean allows around a mouthful of food, "I think being a PA sucks, but the food these people get?" "I mean, are you kidding me?" he continues, bending over to snatch up some more. "Look at these things! They're, like, miniature Philly cheesesteak sandwiches! They're delicious!" With that, he offers one to Sam with a pair of utterly and sincerely amazed Bambi eyes. Hee. Sam declines, so Dean shoves half of the thing into his eternally hungry maw and, with a strip of thinly sliced top round hanging from a corner of his mouth, wonders what Sam managed to dig up on Dead Frank. We'll ignore Sam's stunned reaction to his brother's slovenly eating habits and we'll also ignore PA Walter's momentary and silent intrusion onto the scene to retrieve a miniature Philly cheesesteak sandwich for himself in favor of getting to the point: Frank Jaffe was functioning as sort of a temp for the day, so no one currently on staff knew anything about him. Sam did learn, however, that "four people died messy" on Stage Nine over the last eighty years, two of them suicides and two of them accidents. Any one of the four, of course, could have transformed into a vengeful spirit, but they won't know which one until they conduct a little more research. Dean spots his idol, Wall-Eyed Tara, easing herself into her director's chair on the other side of the set, and so decides to get on that research thing immediately.

Dean snatches up a sheaf of rewrites from a startled script supervisor and, only half faking it here with the shyness, approaches Wall-Eyed Tara with a hesitant, "Are you supposed to get one of these?" Tara slowly raises her good eye up to behold the wonder that is Dean Winchester's face and is instantly smitten, as well her wall-eyed ass should be. I'd recount the flirtatious banter that follows, but as this was the point where I suffered my initial nervous breakdown over her appearance to scream, "OH MY HOLY GOD IN HEAVEN WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER EYE?!" I'll be skipping what follows -- including the self-referential slam against Eric Kripke's Boogeyman script -- to get to the point: Wall-Eyed Tara here makes it a habit of photographing herself with the crew on every project she works on, and so quite conveniently has a picture of the Dead Frank in question. By the way, that habit is yet another in-joke, because Jensen Ackles evidently does the same. Just so you're aware. "You know," Raoul brazenly interrupts, "this tedious recap would be several thousand words shorter if you'd just push all of this trivia into a lovely set of end notes!" Thanks for the suggestion, Raoul, but I think it's a little too late now. Sigh. Anyway, Dean takes one look at the photo and mutters an amazed, "Son of a bitch!"

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