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The Hardy Boys Get Touched By An Angel

Corner Store. The boys emerge with provisions, and Sam snorts, "We've gone pretty ghetto with spellwork before, but this takes the cake. I mean, a SpongeBob placemat instead of an altar cloth?" "We'll just put it SpongeBob-side down," Dean easily replies. "Or," Raoul begins, acid eating through his tone, "you might wish to consider making use of the altar cloth that's on the altar of the church you intend to defile, hmmmmm?" Yes, yes. Of course they could have done that, but then this episode would be missing the one pop culture reference it so desperately needed to become entertaining! "Sarcasm is the lowest form of humor, my dear." Yeah, and you're soaking in it. Now where the hell were we? Oh, yeah: Immediately following the SpongeBob-related witticisms, Sam spots a sudden burst of white light erupting around a nearby leather-jacketed gent, who's idling on the corner, waiting for the crosswalk. Dean, of course, sees nothing of the sort. Sam gets all crazy intense about the whole thing and insists, "We have to stop him!" right before he fails to vanish into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!, because the goddamned Kripkeeper's banished the METAL TEETH CHOMP! from this evening's "entertainment."

Back from the break, Dean craftily locks Crazy Action Sammy out of the Impala and takes off to follow Sam's supposedly evil man after the latter's crossed the street and taken off in a car of his own. Meanwhile, Crazy Action Sammy's to return to the church and conduct Dead Gay Tobey's séance on his own. We are then treated to the most boring car chase in the history of forever, as Dean slowly trails Sam's marked man until said marked man stops to pick up his petite brunette date, whom he presents with a bouquet of cheap flowers he just bought at the same mini-mart Our Dear Boys were seen exiting. The two climb into the guy's car and drive off, with Dean hot on their boring tail. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to bogart Raoul's Dexies. "Don't bother," Raoul yawns. "I've swallowed half the bottle, and I'm still falling asleep." Crap!

Back in the crypt, Sam ritualizes and latinates until he's busted by a furious Father Reynolds. D'OH! Sam tries to explain and can't, but it so totally doesn't matter because Dead Gay Tobey shows up anyway, "in answer to [Father Reynolds's] prayers." Sam's crushed. Aw. Not. Shut up, Sam. Dean told you this was going to happen, but did you listen? No! "It is his own goddamned fault," Raoul agrees. "Now pass me another blanket -- it's freezing in this city tonight!"

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