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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part I

There's a knock on the door. "Housekeeping!" Dean booms, "Not now." The woman's voice is insistent. "Sir, I've got clean towels." I don't quite get Dean's expression here. I mean, I know he wants to get rid of her, but his face doesn't jibe. It's more like: oh, clean towels, well why didn't you say so? He opens the door and asks the heavy-set, African American housekeeper why she didn't just leave them there. She barges past him and into the room, where she promptly draws the shades, then hands Sam a slip of paper. "I'm at this address." Sam doesn't know what to think. I yell, "It's Ruby in a new meatsuit, you dummy," but he doesn't listen to me. Housekeeper Ruby says, "Go now. Go through the bathroom window. Don't stop. Don't take your car. Don't pass go. There are demons in the hallway and in the parking lot." Sam says, "Ruby?" She admits to possessing the housekeeper for a minute. "Sue me." Sam starts to ask about the soft, warm body that threw itself at him and gave us Sammy shoulders. Housekeeper Ruby says, "Coma girl? Slowly rotting on the floor back at the cabin, with Anna, so I've got to hurry back. See you when you get there. Go!" She walks out the door, and I wonder why she doesn't teleport any more. She did that last season. You think she would when she's left her sexy meat suit out for the maggots. Dean's face is all WTF and we cut to...

The boys making their way through the woods to Casa Ramshackle. Ruby (Gen) lets them in and Sam asks Anna if she's okay. She says, "Yeah, I think so. Ruby's not like other demons. She saved my life." As Sam nods, Dean says, "Yeah, I hear she does that." He looks at Ruby and you can see her wonder what he'll throw at her this time. Dean's look is still guarded. "I guess I... uh... ahem. You know?" Ruby shoves down the smile that tickles the corners of her mouth, crosses her arms defensively and says, "What?" Dean looks from her to Sam and back again. "I guess I owe you for... Sam. And I just wanna... ahem... you know?" Ruby stares at him. "Don't strain yourself." Dean looks relieved. "Okay then, is the moment over?" When she rolls her eyes, he finishes: "Good, 'cause that was awkward." Anna asks for permission to call her parents to let them know she's all right. Sam sits down next to her as he struggles to find a gentle way to break the news of her parents' death. As soon as he says he's sorry, she knows, and dissolves into tears. Sam, Dean and Ruby look like they feel utterly useless. Anna cries out, "Why is this happening to me?" Sam lays his hand on her back, and in the midst of her sobs, Anna gasps, and sits straight up, terror overwhelming her face. "They're coming," and the lights dim. Sam hides her in a back room, because hey a closet was all they needed to hide her before, while Ruby tries to secure the cabin door. Dean and Sam arm themselves. Ruby asks for her knife and Dean says, "Uh, about that..." Ruby can't believe they've lost it. "You're kidding." Dean smirks. "Hey, don't look at me." When Sam says, "Thanks a lot," Dean gives him his best wise-ass smile. Ruby berates them for their timing, until a loud buzzing zoom sort of noise closes in on them. The cabin door flies open and the trio assumes battle positions, as they prepare for the onslaught of...

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