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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part I

...Angels! It's not demons, of course, because Anna hears angels, not demons, you sillies. Castiel walks in the door, soon followed by Uriel. Ruby looks terrified and her eyes turn demon black. Dean says, "Please tell me you're here to help. We've been having demon issues all day." Uriel sneers at Ruby as he says, "Well I can see that. You want to explain why you have that stain in the room?" I bet Ruby wishes he'd call her a mud monkey, instead. Castiel, who is still beautiful, cuts to the chase. "We're here for Anna." Dean says, "Here for her like here for her?" Uriel commands him to stop talking. "Give her to us." Sam looks on in disbelief. With one of his few remaining drops of faith he asks, "Are you going to help her?" Castiel says, "No. She has to die." Sam closes his mouth. Dean just stares at his strange savior, who never flinches, never blinks, and damn it, we fade to black and get slapped with a "TO BE CONTINUED..." card.

Coming up next week; we get to see another Winchester have sex, and it's not with Ruby. Oh, boys, don't you know these things never end well?

Cindy figures if the previews aren't lying, her stint as Demian's substitute is going to go out with a bang. She's loved covering for him almost as much as misses reading him (and don't tell anyone, but she misses that overgrown lizard, too). You can e-mail her at CynthiaMcLennan[at] In the meantime, she'll be scouring romance novels to restock her scarce supply of purple prose. To the smutmobile. Away!

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