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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part I

There's no answer at the Milton family home, so the Winchesters, being Winchesters, find their own way in. Her parents are lying on the floor dead, and traces of sulfur remain. On the Milton mantle is the family's mail, and pictures and whatnot. Sam studies the photos as Dean sums up what they know so far. "Okay, so I'm girl interrupted..." (even though he's been rehymenated?) "I know the score of the apocalypse, just busted out of the nut-box, possibly using superpowers, by the way. Where do I go?" Sam recognizes something in a picture taken outside the Milton's church. It has a stained glass window that looks just like the ones Anna drew over and over in her sketchbook. Sam says, "If you were religious, scared, and had demons on your ass, where would go to feel safe?" And heh, Dean looks stumped, or maybe he's just thinking.

Church bells toll as they find Anna hiding at her church. Sam calls out to her, and says, they're here to help. "My name is Sam; this is my brother, Dean." Still in hiding, Anna says, "Sam? Not Sam Winchester?" He stammers out a yes, and she reveals herself. "And you're Dean? The Dean?" Oh, like he needs to hear that from any woman. She knows about him, because the angels talk about him. She admits she knows Dean was in Hell and that Castiel gripped him tight and raised him from perdition. "And some of them think you can help save us." She catches her breath and turns toward Sammy. "And some of them don't like you at all." Sam looks upset, but I think he should note she used the qualifier some. She says the angels talk about the boys all the time lately, so she feels like she knows them. When Dean asks, she clarifies that she doesn't talk to angels; she just sort of overhears them in her head. Not all the time, but a lot, and she can't shut them out. Dean says, "So they locked you up with a case of the crazies, when you were just tuned into Angel Radio?" That was Aerosmith rocking the house. After a short break the Black Crowes will shake your money maker, right here on W-A-N-G Angel Radio -- all angels, all the time.

Anna's relieved to finally talk to someone who knows she's telling the truth. She looks right at Dean. "Yes. Thank you." Sam asks her when the voices started. "I can tell you, exactly: September 18th." Dean says, "The day I got out of Hell." Anna says those were the first words she heard: "Dean Winchester is saved." Dean says it makes sense that the demons are hunting for her. "You're 1-900-ANGEL." I like my W-A-N-G, better. Anna asks if her parents are okay. The boys ready themselves to tell her, when Ruby bursts in. I think Pastor Jim's concept of hallowed ground was bogus. Poor Anna retreats in fear, because she can see Ruby's true face. Sam tries to calm her, while Dean thinks she might be wise to be afraid. Ruby insists that they have to hurry. A big time demon is coming. She claims he followed the boys from the Miltons' house. While Ruby and Dean snark at each other, a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins to cry tears of blood. Ruby says it's too late. Sam steers Anna toward a closet so she can hide, because a demon who managed to track the Winchesters sight unseen would never think to look there? Okay, show. Ruby tells Sam he has to "pull" the demon right away. Dean starts to object, but Ruby convinces him that if Sam doesn't, they'll all die. The demon bursts through the door, and Sam holds out his Pimp Hand of Ipecac. The demons eyes roll back in his head, then return to normal. He coughs and says, "Oh, that tickles." Is it YED? I hope it's YED. I don't know how it could be YED, but I want it to be him. "You don't have the juice to take me on, Sam." Without laying a hand on him, the demon flings Sam across the room and down the stairs. Dean pulls out The Knife That Can Kill Anything (And Actually Does), so I can call it that one more time before it needs a new name, which it totally will, because it proceeds to leave this demon alive and kicking.

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