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The Hardy Boys' Sympathy For The Devil, Part I

Ruby's face and voice grow soft as she tells him he's not alone, then moves in for a kiss, and what a kiss it is. Sammy growls, and allows himself to feel it for a moment, then pushes her face away with his hands. He stands up, brushes by her and walks into the next room, sits down and asks her what she's doing. She tells him it's okay, and he says, "It is anything but okay." When she asks him what's wrong, he says, "Where do I start?" But? He can't take his eyes off her. Ruby slips off her jacket as she approaches him. "Is it because of the body? Because I told you it's all me inside of here. There's no one else." She kneels in front of him, right between his legs and... hold on, my son just wandered in. I've got to chase him out of the room. That's better. I'm fighting some wicked glare on my TV screen, and I can't do anything about it, because my curtains are down, waiting for me to launder them, but I'm pretty sure Ruby is doing something with her hands, just out of sight. I think she's just taking Sam's hands and putting them on her body. "And it's nice inside this body, Sam. Soft and warm." Woooo! Sam inhales sharply. "What are you doing?" She grabs his hands and moves them up her stomach. "Isn't it 'cause you're really scared to go there with a demon -- because it's wrong, and it's bad, and we shouldn't?" She nuzzles his cheek, and Sam makes bitey motions with his mouth. His breath comes as hot and heavy as my prose is purple. He grabs her little face in his enormous hands, and kisses her. Still locked at the lips, he slides his hands down her side, beneath her arms, then lifts her in one swoop from her knees and up onto his lap. Oh my, I didn't know I had a size thing, but that was hot. I think, let me watch again to be sure.

Five hours later. Um, yeah. That was hot. Sam's kisses turn so hard he's biting her, now. He slinks her shirt up over her head and it falls to the floor. She returns the favor. We see Cortese's bare back. The D.P. is just teasing us, now. Wait, there it is. The bare, Padalecki back. And shoulders. Aye de mi. I can't really describe what happens next because the shoulders flex and I have to go search for my vocabulary, but you get the picture, yes? The camera pans from Sam and Ruby to the fireplace, because we're all about the subtle imagery here in the Supernatural fandom. Walk through the fire and let it burn.

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