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The Hardy Boys Get Frisky Over A Pottery Wheel

As a preternaturally calm nurse begins broadcasting "Code 500 ER" across the hospital's intercom system, and as considerably less calm medical personnel begin darting past Shut Up Daddy's room, Sam and John realize something's wrong. You think? Sam lopes into the hall to find out what gives, only to find out that what's giving is his brother's heart, apparently. Yes, Jolly Green Dean is flatlining, and as Doc Hibbert applies the paddles and whatnot, Sam The Amazingly Puffy Mind-Reading Psychic Emo Boy collapses against the doorframe and weeps like a tiny little girl. Spectral Dean arrives behind him just in time to spot that clot of rags -- now with hair! -- from earlier in the evening hovering lengthwise above his Jolly Green form. "You get away from me!" Spectral Dean shouts, charging past Sam, and in another of their neat little Now You See Him, Now You Don't tracking shots, when the camera pans in one continuous take past Sam to peer at the action around Jolly Green Dean's bed from Sam's perspective, Spectral Dean has completely vanished from the room. So, what's he up to, then? Why, snatching hold of the rag clot's apparent arm, of course. The Rag Clot, none too pleased at this latest development, hurls Spectral Dean backwards in slow motion against the wall and turns briefly to hiss at him before shooting out of the room. The instant the thing leaves, Jolly Green Dean regains a pulse. Despite the good news, both Doc Hibbert and Emo Sammy seem very sad, indeed. By the way, with all the fancy camerawork, I almost neglected to mention that Sam appeared to have heard Spectral Dean's earlier shouty imprecations against The Rag Clot. As Sam stares, utterly wasted, at Jolly Green Dean's monitors, Spectral Dean ambles up and vows, "Don't worry -- I'm not going anywhere. I'm getting that thing before it gets me." And then, still slow on the uptake, Spectral Dean reveals, "It's some kind of spirit, but I could grab it. And if I can grab it, I can kill it." It pains me greatly to say this, but: Shut up, Dean. You're a fucking ghost. Of course you can grab another fucking ghost. And this episode was going so well.

Puffy Sam looks around as if he's suddenly stumbled across a cunning plan as the camera tracks back down the hall away from him before it cuts to find Spectral Dean on a Rag Clot hunt. Just as I'm about to get distracted by his fine self in those scrubs again, a woman's voice calls out, "Can't you see me? Why won't you look at me?" "Now what?" Dean grumbles to himself before heading towards the voice's location, which happens to be downstairs in the reception area, where he finds an attractive brunette, similarly clad in t-shirt and scrub pants, screaming at the oblivious medical staff and patients around her. "Can you see me?" Dean asks. Affirmative. Dean hops up to exchange introductions with "Tessa" on the stairs. Tessa wonders if she's dead. Dean's all, "...maybe?"

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