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The Hardy Boys Get Frisky Over A Pottery Wheel

Cut to the two at the door of Tessa's room. "I don't understand," she gapes as they stare at her comatose self on the bed. "I just came in for an appendectomy." "I hate to bear bad news," Dean winces, "but I think there were some complications." Tessa starts babbling about how it's all just "a very weird, unbelievably vivid dream" until Dean shuts her up with an explanation of "out-of-body experiences." Long story short, they're both now spirits of people close to death. Like we didn't know that already. Oy. Dean gives Tessa a little pep talk before we cut back over to...

...Shut Up Daddy's bed. "What do you mean you felt something?" John grumbles in Sam's general direction. He means he felt something, you tool. Weren't you listening to him? Oh, right. Look who I'm asking that question. Sam, now convinced Spectral Dean's roaming the hospital's halls, bails to "pick something up," but not before Shut Up Daddy solemnly promises him that there will be no hunting of The Ceiling Demon until they're both certain Dean's all right. Sam sort of looks like he's heard similar lines of bullshit before, but exits without a word.

Meanwhile, over on the spectral plane, Dean congratulates Tessa on her relatively sunny disposition in light of what she's so recently learned. Tessa reveals herself to be a fatalist as far as such matters go, and notes that because she has zero control over the situation, she's just going to chill out and wait for whatever to happen. Dean pretty much takes this as a personal insult, tells her she's full of crap, and insists that no matter the circumstances, one always has a choice, even if that choice is to remain an unresponsive vegetable hooked up to feeding tubes and a respirator for the next fifty years. Quite the charmer, our Dean. I don't know why he's never been able to make a long-term relationship last. Before Dean can elaborate further, however, he hears "Doctor Kripke" being called to Room 237 for a Code Blue. Over Tessa's protests, Dean jogs down the hallway to find Doc Kripke (who is not, as I erroneously stated in the recaplet, Doctor Hibbert) struggling to revive a preadolescent girl. As the medical team works the kid over, The Rag Clot materializes to hover lengthwise over the child's bed and stretches a hand towards the kid's face. Dean charges, but The Rag Clot vanishes as quickly as it had appeared. Meanwhile, the moppet on the bed is flatlining for good. One of the nurses calls it as another opines, "At least she's not suffering anymore." Spectral Dean looks deeply conflicted as the METAL TEETH CHOMP! picks him up by the scruff of his neck to fling him into the next commercial break.

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