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The Hardy Boys Get Frisky Over A Pottery Wheel

Back in Dean's room, Puffy Sam eases himself through the door with something in a brown paper bag and, addressing his yam of a brother in the bed, says, "Don't make fun of me for this, but there is one way we can talk." With that, he pulls a "Mystical Talking Board" from the bag, because the bastards at Parker Brothers charge way too fucking much to license "Ouija" for a TV show. "Oh, you gotta be kidding me," Spectral Dean grunts. Sam lankily ambles across the room, plants himself cross-legged on a spot of open floor, and unpacks the board and planchette from their box. And here begins the clever camerawork in this scene, as the camera pulls these slow spins around Sam to take in the room from his perspective -- in which of course the only Dean present is in vegetable form -- only to shift in mid-continuous-spin to Spectral Dean's perspective -- in which of course he is both vegetative and spectrally yappy. It's a nice effect, especially when Dean's hands suddenly appear on the planchette across from Sam's to answer a question the younger Winchester has just asked. It must have been a bitch to choreograph, and yet I'm still giggling to myself at the idea of some off-screen P.A. -- with appropriately wild gesticulations -- soundlessly mouthing "NOW!" at Jensen Ackles so the latter knows when to hop into and out of the scene. Anyway, Sam calls out for his brother, and Spectral Dean snorts something to himself about slumber parties before hunkering down on the floor across the board from Sam. The soles of his feet are absolutely black with God alone knows what kind of filth, No. Ghosts do not pick up massive amounts of foot-blackening smut while roaming the halls of a county hospital. Bad Supernatural! Bad! ANY-way, after Spectral Dean confirms his presence by shifting the planchette to "YES," he spells out the word "hunt." At Sam's further prompting, Dean confirms he's hunting something in the hospital, and the thing he's hunting is an R...E...A...P... "Reaper!" Sammy breathes. "Is it after you?" YES. With that, Spectral Dean breaks the connection. Both boys realize Dean's screwed, as The Reaper is operating under its usual M.O., which is to escort the souls of the recently dead on to wherever the hell it is those souls are supposed to go. They're being typically hazy with the cosmology, here. Anyway, after a round of downcast looks from Our Intrepid Heroes, Sam leaps to his feet to babble something about Shut Up Daddy knowing what to do. He speeds out of the room to find...

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