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The Hardy Boys Get Frisky Over A Pottery Wheel

Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of The Jolly Green Dean. Sam delivers a touching monologue on the subject of fraternal affection, both deep and true, to the vegetable. Unfortunately, Spectral Dean isn't there to hear it. Not that it ultimately matters, of course, because Dean doesn't remember any of this when he eventually wakes u...uh. Ooops. Spoiler!

Meanwhile, up in Room 4747, Spectral Dean has reached, in Tessa's words, "Stage Three: Bargaining," and I have to admit, this scene made me mist up a wee little bit, mainly because of the way The Ackles nailed the delivery of his lines. He argues that she has to make an exception for him, as his family's in danger. "We're kinda in the middle of this, uh..." And here, Dean chokes back what's almost a sob as he struggles to finish the sentence. "...war." There's a little lilt upwards at the end of that word, as if he's either suddenly doubting that there really is a war being fought, or suddenly realizing and finally becoming overwhelmed by the circumstances of his life. Maybe both. Then again, maybe neither. Whatever. It still made me sniffle. "They need me," he insists. "The fight's over," she gently replies. "No, it isn't!" he counters. "It is for you." "You're not the first soldier I've plucked from the field," she patiently explains, "and they all feel the same: They can't leave -- 'Victory hangs in the balance!' -- but they're wrong. The battle goes on without them." "My brother," Dean splutters, just on the verge of totally losing it, "he could die without me." "Maybe he will," she offers, "maybe he won't. Nothing you can do about it." The "now" is implied. She starts to blather about Dean's being "a warrior's death," but Dean shuts her up with one of his one-liners: "I think I'll pass on the seventy-two virgins, thanks -- I'm not that into prude chicks, anyway." "That's funny," Tessa admits. "You're very cute," she continues, so we know even Reapers are Deangirls. Joy. Dean, almost accepting her argument, snaps out of it when he thinks once more of his family's current peril. "I'm not going with you," he shakes his head, "I don't care what you do." And here, Tessa lays a little supernatural science upon his fine ass. She can't force him to accompany her to whatever plane of existence follows this one, but should he remain on earth in his current spectral form, he'll eventually become so insanely lonely, embittered, and afraid that he'll turn into one of the vengeful, vindictive spirits he's been hunting all of his life. Well, that shut him up. Spectral Dean spectrally gulps.

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