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The Hardy Boys Get Frisky Over A Pottery Wheel

...pops back into that big old eggplant he left lying all by its lonesome in his hospital room at the top of the hour, apparently, for The Winchester Formerly Known As Jolly Green Dean now gasps himself back into consciousness, and that's got to be murder on his throat, what with that ventilator tube shoved halfway down into his chest. The Winchester Formerly Known As Jolly Green Dean starts gagging on the tube, and Sam bellows for help just as the METAL TEETH CHOMP! masticates them both into the final commercial break.

Back from the break, Doc Hibbert can't explain it: Dean's edema has vanished, the contusions have healed, and his vitals are good. "You got some kinda angel watchin' over you," he concludes. Oh, the irony. ¡Es muy deliciosa! Doc Hibbert exits so Sam can confirm for the audience's benefit that Dean remembers nothing of his time on the spectral plane. Dean does, however, have "a pit in [his] stomach," so he's pretty sure there's something not quite right with his unexpected return to health. Shut Up Daddy raps at the door to beam at his now-recovered elder son. Sam, of course, immediately demands to know where John's been all night. Unsatisfied with the answer he receives -- and over Dean's weary objections -- the biggest littlest Winchester starts in with the sniping, and welcome, my friends, to the portion of the evening I'll be calling "The Redemption Of St. John Of Lawrence, The Jackhole Formerly Known As Shut Up Daddy." John gently steps forward into the room and, with genuine affection and more than a hint of regret in his face, asks Sam if they could just stop fighting, for good. "Half the time," he confesses with an honestly fond smile on his face, "I don't know what we're fighting about -- just butting heads." "Look, Sammy," John continues as Dean, almost as incredulous as Sam at this point, darts his eyes from his brother to his father, "I've made some mistakes, but I've always done the best I could." John glances at Dean before meeting Sam's wary gaze again. "I just don't want to fight anymore, okay?" Sam reacts to this heartfelt speech by asking his father if he's on drugs. Well, pretty much. John affably shrugs that he must be tired, or something, and politely asks if Sam would mind fetching the old man a cup of caffeine. Sam wiggles his eyebrows around, all, "Whatever, freak," but obligingly exits towards the cafeteria.

Left alone with Dean, John turns and delivers, well, one of the most horribly clichéd I'm So Proud Of You, Son speeches in the history of televised entertainment. Here's the direct transcript, if you must read it. Trust me, it pained me to no end to type it out, but sweet Jesus, how Jeffrey Dean Morgan sold it:

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