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The Hardy Boys Get Frisky Over A Pottery Wheel

After Sam vanishes into the hall, the camera pans around John's head to reveal Spectral Dean lurking in the background, leaning against the wall with his arms folded in front of his chest, I'm completely distracted by the sight of Jensen Ackles's arms. Uncle! I give! It's over! You can put them back into coats over hoodies over sweaters over button-downs over t-shirts over t-shirts again! I swear I won't complain! I'm on a deadline, after all, and I can't afford to spend three hours ogling the cast's arms. Anyway, what was the point of all this? Oh, yeah: Spectral Dean's apparently shot far ahead of his earth-bound younger brother as far as the psychic-powers thing goes, as he stares down his father with a sneering, "Well, you sure know something." DUN!

Wrecking lot. Sam ambles up into the frame next to Bobby to groan, "Oh, man. Dean is gonna be pissed." We cut to their point of view of the Impala, and...I's all so...sniff. Had I the automotive expertise of Bobby, here, I'd be able to tell you that the frame's a pretzel, the engine's ruined, the axle's shattered, and they'd be lucky to sell what's left of it for scrap. Unfortunately, I lack Bobby's automotive expertise, and so all I can say is this: Metallicar's fucked. While Bobby's giving Sam the bullet on everything wrong with the post-crash car, something perhaps even sadder occurs when Sam finds what remains of The Goth-Girl Laptop, which isn't much. And it took him years to find the right decals! Poor Sammy. Today just isn't going his way, now is it? Sigh. Maybe he'd feel better if he CUT HIS GODDAMNED HAIR ALREADY. In any event, Sam reacts to Bobby's scrap-heap suggestion by rather firmly asserting, "No. Dean'd kill me if we did that. When he gets better, he's gonna want to fix this." "There's nothing to fix," Bobby scoffs. "Listen to me," Sam insists, more than a little overwhelmed by recent events and clearly speaking of Dean as much as he is of Metallicar, "if there's even one working part, that's enough. We're not just gonna give up on...." As Sam's fragile resolve seems to trail off with his voice, Bobby stares at him intently before allowing a gruff, but kind, "Okay. You got it." Sam shakes himself out of his momentary dejection to pass along Shut Up Daddy's grocery list of hunting-related provisions. Bobby takes one look at the thing and buhs disbelievingly, "What'd John want with this?" "What?" Sam demands. Bobby quickly realizes John's yet again keeping Information Of Importance from his offspring and attempts to bluff his way out of it, but Sam persists, "What's going on?" Before we get Bobby's answer, we shuttle back to...

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