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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches

So anyhow, Uriel doesn't want to waste time on the mud monkeys. Castiel apologizes, but he doesn't look at the boys; he looks at Uriel and says, "We have our orders." Sam's in a tizzy. "You're angels. You're supposed to... you're supposed to show mercy." Uriel smirks. "Says who?" Castiel says they have no choice. Dean says of course they have a choice. "You never questioned a crap order -- huh? What are you both, just a couple of hammers." Castiel very purposefully listens, and just as purposefully does not look at Dean. "Even if you can't understand it, have faith; the plan is just." Sammy wants to know how he can say that. Cas says that because the plan comes from heaven, that makes it just. Dean sneers that it must be nice to be so sure of themselves. Castiel says, "Tell me something, Dean -- when your father gave you an order, did you obey?" Oh, well played. Someone compiled a nice little Dean Winchester dossier for you, huh?

Dean says, "Sorry boys. Looks like the plans have changed. Castiel looks at him in wide-eyed wonder, and tilts his head. Uriel's less adorable. "You think you can stop us?" Dean allows that he can't, but if they're going to smite the town, they'll have to smite it with our intrepid heroes in it. He figures he's worth something to the man upstairs, since Castiel gripped him tight and raised him from perdition. Is it... is... does that resemble self-esteem -- coming from the lips of Dean Winchester? Wow. Uriel says he'll drag Dean out of there, himself. Dean says, "Yeah but you'll have to kill me. Then we're back to the same problem." Apparently Dean forgets that Castiel was able to send him back in time 25 years, with just a touch on the forehead. I don't think he would have to kill you, Dean, but I admire your bravado, just the same. Oh, there's more. "Come on, you're going to wipe out a whole town for one little witch? Sounds to me like you're compensating for something." Dean, we've gone over this. How do you talk to an angel? Crap. I just earwormed myself. Shudder. He convinces Castiel to give them a chance to find the witch and stop the summoning and I've got to go listen to "It's a Small World," to kill that earworm.

Okay! Outside, we see someone has spattered Metallicar with... er... white stuff. At first I thought a bird (or a flock) had a problem. It sort of looks like white paint. I think it's supposed to be shaving cream. Dean and Sam survey the damage. Dean walks around to Baby's driver's side, looks off across the parking lot and yells, "ASTRONAUT!" I am highly suggestible and have been walking around yelling out, "ASTRONAUT," here and there, whenever something annoys me. I think my family's going to lock me up. "ASTRONAUT!" Sam's already in the car by the time Dean gets in and slams the door. Sam's silent and preoccupied. Dean's still pissed. He asks Sam, "What?" Sam thought angels would be different -- righteous. Dean says, "Well, they are righteous. That's kind of the problem." That's quite astute. And not just for Dean. "There's nothing more dangerous than some a-hole who thinks he's on a holy mission." True, but the election has passed. Let's let sleeping dogs lie. Sam's issues run more deeply than that -- they're personal. "This is God and Heaven? This is what I've been praying to?" Dean tries to encourage Sam in his faith. There's a sentence none of us ever expected to read in a Supernatural recap. Honestly, even I'm not sure how it got there. Anyhow, Dean says that just because there are a couple of bad apples -- that doesn't mean the whole barrel is rotten. "For all we know, God hates those jerks. Don't give up on that stuff is all I'm saying. Babe Ruth was a dick, but baseball is still a beautiful game." My husband snaps, "Babe Ruth had his issues, but he wasn't a dick. Ty Cobb was a dick. Baseball is a beautiful game." Thanks, babe. I'm glad that's all cleared up.

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