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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches

Nighttime: children prowl the streets, begging for candy. It seems we're in front of the Wallace home, but it's hard to be sure. The house is dark, except for a light in the basement. Inside, Call Me Don is chanting in Latin. Teen Temptress Tracy is gagged, and bound by her wrists -- arms up over her head. That can't be comfy. He picks up a chalice and knife from an altar, and continues Latinating. He runs the tip of the knife down Teen Temptress Tracy's neck, to her cleavage. I'm pretty sure the P.T.A. would not approve. I'm not going to call her Teen Temptress Tracy, anymore, because that's just yucky. Tracy's letting out tiny cries. Call Me Don brings the knife overhead to plunge it into her. Two shots ring out. There's a beat, and then the third shot brings him to the floor. Dean frees Tracy as Sam checks Call Me Don's corpse for a pulse. Once the gag is removed, Tracy says, "Thank you, he was going to kill me. Ugh, that sick son of a bitch. I mean did you see what he was doing? Did you hear him?" Sam and Dean nod solemnly. Tracy's demeanor changes. "...How sloppy his incantation was? My brother always was a little bit dim." Sam and Dean grab their weapons. Tracy Latinates at them. Their weapons fall as they're thrown to the floor and bound there by some sort of spell. Tracy thanks them for doing her dirty work. Brother Don's been an annoyance for centuries. He was going to make her the final sacrifice, but now the honor goes to him. "For 600 years, I had to deal with that pompous son of a bitch -- planning, preparing, unbearable. The whole time I wanted to rip his face off." She laughs as she drains Don's blood into the chalice. "And you get him with a gun. Ah, I love that." She brags about how back in the day, this was the one night you kept your children inside, and how they'll now get to see what Halloween really is, and she sets about to invoking Sam Hain.

Sam and Dean are still bound by Tracy's spell, but they can struggle a little. Sam manages to dip his hand into Don's spilt blood. He wipes it on his face. Dean asks what he's doing, but Sam just says to follow his lead, as he wipes the blood on Dean's face. They lie back, as if dead. The demon breaks through the concrete cellar floor and decides to inhabit Don's corpse. Don rises, and he and Tracy kiss, which is a double-dog gross out, because he's her teacher and her brother. She calls him her love. He says, "You've aged." Well, that's a fine how d'ya do. Tracy says, "This face... I can't fool you." Don adds, "For your beauty is beyond time," then he snaps her neck. As she falls to the floor, he says, "Whore!" Nice guy. He stops between Dean and Sam, and we get a shot from his point of view. His eyes have changed. They're not Lilith-white, but they're white-ish, and it seems he doesn't see well. He looks like his brain is only about halfway in this world, anyhow. The demon doesn't really see the boys clearly, so he just leaves. After Sam Hain is gone, Dean says to his brother, "What the Hell was that?" Sam answers, "Halloween lore. People used to use masks to hide from him. So I gave it a shot." Dean says, "You gave it a shot?" They grimace at one another. Oh my, they're cute when they're angry.

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