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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches

Sam Hain wanders the city streets, full of trick-or-treaters, who are, fortunately, wearing masks, so they're all blurry to him, as if they're spirits. The boys exit the house, wiping the blood off their faces. Dean wonders where they'll find Sam Hain. Sam says, "Where would you go to raise all the dark forces of the night?" Dean guesses, "The cemetery." They climb into Metallicar and make their way there. Now, Sam Hain's walking, mind you, and they're driving, but he's going to beat them there. No, I don't know either. In the car, Sam notes the demon's power and says it might take more than the usual weapons to kill it. Dean closes his eyes -- which really isn't the best approach while driving anytime, never mind on Halloween night, when the streets are full of little kids. "Sam, no. You're not using your psychic whatever. Don't even think about it. Ruby's knife is enough." When Sam asks why, Dean replies, "Well because the angels said so, for one." Sam says, "I thought you said they were a bunch of fanatics." Dean thinks they're right about this one, but regardless, Sam admitted previously that the powers are like playing with fire. He says, "Please," as he hands Sam Ruby's Knife That Can Kill Anything And Actually Does. I know it's quite magical, but I doubt it can cut the tension between them.

At the cemetery, Justin and his fellow bakers are partying in a mausoleum. One kid wanders by and says, "Dude, I'm tripping balls." Is that just slang for a hallucinogenic trip? If not, do I want to know? Will I need brain bleach if I find out? They hear a noise, and Justin shushes everyone, thinking it's the cops. Sam Hain walks down the stairs into the crypt, still wearing Don's meatsuit, and his blood-soaked shirt. Justin says, "Mr. Harding? I mean... Don?" Sam Hain shuts the gate, locks the kids inside the chamber they were partying in, and walks away. Justin tries to open the gates and can't, so he calls out to Don that he locked them in. None of the other kids seem to be paying attention. Maybe they're all tripping balls. The... er... I'm not up on my mausoleum terminology. You've all been in one, or seen pictures or movies, yes? The corpses are all buried inside these stone drawers which are built into the wall. Yeah, well those drawers start to rattle. Then the doors start blowing off. A corpse, which I guess I should now call a zombie, grabs Justin by the ankles and pulls him inside the drawer. Massive amounts of blood spurt everywhere. It's so... gory. I just realized that Raoul hasn't called me once, this episode. What's up with that? The kids start panicking for real. En masse, they approach the gates and try to shake them free. I'm thinking there are enough of them that they ought to be able to get out, but it doesn't matter. Sam and Dean are here to save the day. Sam tells Dean to save them. Dean argues that Sam's not going off on his own. Sam ignores him and just says, "Do it!"

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