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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches
I know time was short if they wanted to save Dean's life, but Bobby and Sam seemed not bothered a bit by having to dispose of the ghost of a man who had been the target of prejudice -- the ghost of an innocent whose life had ended via that brutal act. Meanwhile we know Dean hates all demons, just because they're demons, regardless of whether they are (or appear to be) doing good -- like Ruby, for example. He also hates the demon blood in his beloved brother Sam -- his "mixed" (race) species brother. Ruby hates all angels, just because they're angels. Now we learn Uriel holds humans in contempt as lower beings -- despite the fact that Jewish and Christian scriptures describe humans as being made in the image of God (cf. Castiel's line that Uriel was bordering on 'blasphemy'). Now, maybe I'm looking to get Whedoned and am going to end up all Kripked, but I don't think so. I mean, this is Kripke's story, but it seems to have more layers than usual, and they seem intentional. So although "Great Pumpkin" isn't my favorite episode of the season, neither was "Yellow Fever" -- I'm starting to appreciate both of them, more. I think we're watching the construction of metaphor. Let's just hope Kripke and all don't get distracted by something shiny, and forget to tell us the rest of the story.

This Thursday, we travel to Wishville. I wonder if Anyanka and Halfrek will be there.

Cindy McLennan is substituting for Demian while he's nursing his broken wing, poor angel. This might be her last Supernatural recap, or she might be around for another episode or so. That depends on whether Demian is drinking his milk (and no dear, spiking it with Kahlua isn't a good idea). You can e-mail Cindy at CynthiaMcLennan[at], and read her How I Met Your Mother weecaps, here at TWoP. If you see that imaginary gay dragon Raoul, tell him... tell him... tell him nothing.

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