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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches

At a pre-Halloween party, a teen named Tracy and a teen named Jenny seem to be competing for the skimpiest costume award. Jenny's dressed as a "nurse" and Tracy's dressed as a "cheerleader." Do your parents know you left the house dressed like that? Brunette Jenny, who looks a little like Miley Cyrus around the eyes (but has more on) thinks the party is lame, but Tracy turns on her brightest smile for Justin, who seems to be the host. He can't break into his parent's liquor cabinet -- it's triple locked. He asks the girls if they're going to the mausoleum party "tomorrow night" at which he's going to get "so baked!" They're game -- they also seem to be competing for Justin's attention, and so far Tracy (the blonde) is in the lead. She spies a plastic tub full of apples, gets down on her hands and knees, bends over, and goes bobbing. When Jenny realizes how much Justin appreciates... the view, she takes a turn, but can't get any apples and can't lift her head up out of the tub of water. As she struggles, the water starts to boil. Eventually, Tracy and Justin realize she can't right herself, and try to save her, but they can't pull her head out of the tub until she's dead.

A police officer is questioning Tracy when Sam and Dean arrive at the party's aftermath. What -- do they have a scanner now? I don't care that we no longer see them spotting a case in the papers and going on the road. I can accept that happens off screen, but they get to the party shortly after the incident -- while Tracy's still there? Come on, show. Tracy's hair is still wet (although it looked pretty dry after they pulled Jenny's boiled face from the tub -- tsk tsk, show). Dean spots Tracy and tells Sam, "I've got this." Sam says, "Two words: Jail. Bait." Dean says, "I would never," but after Sam turns his back, he makes a but then againface, which is gross, because these kids are in high school and Dean is pushing 30. Damn, show. I didn't want to be cranky with you during what might be my last recap. As Tracy tells the cop she was just bobbing for apples moments before Jenny and the tub wasn't even warm, Dean interrupts and introduces himself. "Agent Seger; FBI." Meanwhile, Sam searches for a hex bag. He asks Tracy if Jenny knew a man named Luke Wallace, but Tracy says she doesn't know who that is, even after Dean tells her Wallace died, yesterday. Sam finds the hex bag hidden in the couch and we fade out.

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