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The Hardy Boys Go From Wags To Witches

In the front seat of his Baby, Dean stuffs himself full of candy. There's a pile of empty wrappers on the front seat, and he appears to be in some intestinal distress. He talked to "Mrs. Razor Blade" again and is sitting outside the Wallace home, but during his phone call with Sam, he says he's come up with nothing. Sam reminds him that someone planted those hex bags -- someone with access to both houses. Dean says, "I hope we find him soon, because I'm starting to cramp like a... Son of a Bitch!" Sam tells him, "Quit whining." Hee! Dean explains that he meant that Son of a Bitch separately. He's watching Teen Temptress Tracy make her way to the Wallace home. Mrs. Wallace hands her the baby, and it seems she's there to babysit.

When Dean returns to room 126 of the Moonlight Motel, he and Sam discuss how Teen Temptress Tracy lied about not knowing Luke Wallace, even though she's the family's babysitter. Sam notes she's got an interesting look for a centuries old witch. Dean says, "Yeah, well if you were a 600 year old hag, and you could pick any costume to come back in, wouldn't you go for a hot cheerleader?" Sam mulls it over. Dean's lost in thought as he says, "I would." Sam's starting to wonder if all those stories he's read about Dean on the internet are true and cries, "I don't want to be mpreg with my own brother's child!" Or maybe he just keeps raising his eyebrow in Dean's direction, but not in a way that will get him knocked up. Dean's still fantasizing. Sam decides to move the conversation along. Tracy's not as wholesome as she looks. She got into a violent disagreement with a teacher and got suspended from school. Which is where we're going next...

Dean walks through the local high school, which is decorated for Halloween. There are some great, scary papier-mâché masks hanging in the art room. Dean focuses on one and seems to have a flashback to Hell. We hear a snippet of chilling screams, silence, then another snippet. He continues to stare at the mask. Sam walks up behind him and laughs. "Bring back memories?" Are you kidding me? I don't know who will get angrier at that -- Sam Girls or Dean Girls. Dean deadpans: "What do you mean?" Sam says, "Being a teenager -- all that angst." Oh thank goodness. I was bracing to read a full-scale freak-out on the boards. Dean exhales. "Oh." Sam's puzzled. "What did you think I meant?" Dean, being a LYING LIAR WHO LIES lies: "Nothing."

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