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The Hardy Boys Got This Plan

Main Office. Aftermath. Sam saunters in from points unknown as Dean asks, "You get the equipment to work?" Sam did, though we'll have to wait a few minutes to figure out what these two are talking about here. Sly little show. Meanwhile, Princess Sparkle -- annoyed that they've rejected her perfectly reasonable solution to this entire mess -- pretty much snots, "See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!" and prances on out through the front door after the boys most willingly clear her a path. Outside, the assembled demonic horde shies away from her like she's got cooties, and she flounces unmolested into the night. One of the horde -- a sharply featured woman -- watches Ruby disappear with a decidedly self-satisfied smirk on her face. DUN!?

No time to figure that out just yet, however, because Our Intrepid Heroes plus Henriksen are now flinging open the station house's doors and breaking the protective lines in accordance with Dean's silly plan, and after a full forty-five unnerving seconds tick by, one of the horde initiates the attack by booting Henriksen in the face. "VIOLENCE!" Two or three of the possessed charge through the doors guarded by Sam and Dean, but the boys pick them off one by one with rounds of rock salt until somebody tackles Sam to the ground. Meanwhile, Henriksen's still struggling with his initial attacker, who slams the agent through some drywall until Henriksen manages to uncap a flask of holy water, which he uses to blind the guy before fleeing deeper into the station, where he and Dean most awesomely end up back-to-back, blasting away at the dozens of demons now streaming in from outside. Over in Sam's little corner of the melee, The Ginormotron's abandoned all attempts at shooting the demons swarming over his remarkably broad-shouldered frame in favor of swatting them off like flies. And as the camerawork's gone all 28 Days Later and it's therefore nearly impossible to see what's actually going on, let's join...

...Amici and Nancy, up on the roof, where they wait for the last of the demons to enter the station house. "When this is over," Nancy breathes, "I am going to have so much sex." Amici tosses her a hairy side-eye. "Just not with you," Nancy hastily amends. Ba-dum-bump! "We better move," Nancy nods, and the two shimmy over to the edge just as...

...someone who is either Dean or Sam (or possibly Henriksen) fends off attackers who may or may not be human. Despite the impossibly low levels of visibility at this point, Raoul is terribly pleased indeed. "VIOLENCE!"

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