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The Hardy Boys Got This Plan

In any event, Henriksen orders the sheriff to post a deputy at every exit, then gets on his walkie-talkie to have his partner, Reidy, bring the boys inside. Nancy the secretary -- whose desk is positively littered with Marian paraphernalia like holy cards and statuettes and such -- glances apprehensively at the front doors, and soon enough, Our Dear Boys shuffle across the threshold, chained (and chained together) at their ankles and wrists, and as Dean pauses for a moment to toss off a few lighthearted remarks at the law enforcement officers who'd gathered to glare at him, eagle-eyed Action Sammy snags Nancy's name from the plate on her desk and catches sight of the wooden rosary she now almost instinctively pulls towards herself, like she's warding off some foul wickedness emanating from Our Intrepid Heroes by clutching at a couple of beads, or something.

The boys get slung into one of the cells, and after they've been left alone, there's a bit of business wherein they try to shuffle away from each other, but end up tripping when the two-foot length of chain at their feet pulls tight. Dean even goes, "D'OH!" as he stumbles onto the bed, which is far more amusing than it has any right to be. Negotiation ensues, and they eventually agree to perch side-by-side on the cell's cot, which they manage only after dancing around each other to make sure they don't tangle the chains. Hee. And then? They mope. Ha!

Back out front, Henriksen punches his superior's number into one of the desk phones while stripping off his bulletproof vest, and he eventually reaches Deputy Director "Stephen Groves" to give him the good news. Groves is being played by Peter DeLuise of 21 Jump Street, and I am therefore sorely tempted to refer to him as "Deputy Doug" for the remainder of his time in tonight's presentation, but I shall resist said temptation because Dawson's Creek sucks. ["Not as much as Jump Street did, as it turns out, but your discretion is appreciated." -- Sars] In any event, the two gentlemen taunt each other the way seasoned colleagues tend to do in cop movies like the one this episode is ripping off until Henriksen announces he's transporting the boys to the supermax via bus. Groves basically calls Henriksen a blithering dipshit for even thinking about bussing these two particular fugitives anywhere -- especially given Our Dear Boys' crafty escapes from the FBI's care in the past -- and counters that he'll be arriving with a far more appropriate means of transportation in a few minutes. Peter DeLuise slams down the phone on his end of the call, and a somewhat miffed Henriksen does likewise before informing the sheriff that a helicopter is on its way. "We don't have a helipad," the sheriff protests. "Then clear the damn parking lot!" Henriksen snaps. "Who pissed in your Fruity Pebbles this morning?" the sheriff snaps back, except for the part where he totally doesn't, because he's simply gaping at Henriksen's imperious audacity, or something.

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