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The Hardy Boys Got This Plan

Meanwhile, out front, Demonic Deputy Doug's roar reaches Henriksen and Reidy's ears, and the agents race back to the holding area along with the sheriff and that gormless teenager from earlier in the hour.

Holding Area. By now thoroughly divested of the demon who'd lodged himself in his body for God knows how many months, Deputy Doug drops to the floor, dead, just as various law enforcement officials arrive to scream stuff like "Drop the gun!" and "On the floor, NOW!" and "Ruby Dee was ROBBED!" "One does not invite an octogenarian to the Academy Award ceremony, simply to deny her a trophy!" Raoul sagely agrees. "Oh, what that poor Gloria Stuart went through for those people!" Our Intrepid Heroes, completely ignoring the imaginary gay dragon who's shrieking nonsense at the television screen at the moment, submissively and obsequiously comply with the lawmen's relevant requests. Once Sam, now on his knees, pushes the silenced automatic through the bars in Henriksen's direction, he hastily explains, "We did not shoot him -- check the body! There's no blood! We did not kill him!" Reidy confirms there's no bullet wound, and everybody starts yelling over each other again once Dean insists that Deputy Doug was possessed and has therefore likely been dead for weeks. Henriksen finally cuts through all of the screamy crap and orders Reidy to have "Bill" fire up the chopper. One problem, to wit...

...Bill's dead, as are all of the Monument deputies assigned to door-duty, which Reidy discovers when he pushes his way out into the parking lot on his own, Tough-Guy Jazz-Handing his way past a couple of gentlemen whose throats have been most luridly slashed. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Raoul shrieks, overjoyed that they're finally giving us plenty of the good stuff after so bloodless a first act. Reidy stumbles upon three more dead cops in and around the helicopter itself, and as he gets on his radio to pass this information along to the others inside, the chopper blows the fuck up! Right in his face! I KNOW! "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" shrieks Raoul, practically piddling himself with glee.

Henriksen, still leveling his gun at Darling Sammy's freakish Cro-Magnon skull back in the holding area despite the massive explosion outside, starts bellowing into his walkie-talkie for his partner.

Reidy, not quite dead yet, coughs and splutters and shakily pulls himself to his feet from the asphalt upon which he'd landed in the wake of the blast, and as he gapes at the flaming wreckage in front of him, Henriksen's urgent bellowing on the radio starts buzzing and flickering in and out. DUN! Yep, decidedly dazed Reidy still has enough going on upstairs to sense a presence at his back, and when he spins around, he of the dead deputies, glowering at him through beetle-black eyes! Reidy barely has time to scream before the undead deputy, like, rips Reidy's heart out with his bare hand, or something, and as Reidy starts spitting up blood, Raoul positively plotzes directly into the METAL TEETH CHOMP! "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!"

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